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Book it Dano! We’re Heading East. To Yao’s Diner!

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Mee Five-Oh!

We’re hitching our wagons, and we’ve set out sights east!  Our first venture in to Suffolk County.  Our destination is Yao’s Diner.  It sounds so like a luncheonette, doesn’t it?  But, it will be so much more.  We’re expecting our epicurean delights to be tickled fancy by the taste of the East.

Yao’s Diner is in Centereach at 2503 Middle Country Rd.

Oh, our taste buds runneth over in anticipation of our palettes being titillated by the mere thought of embarking to territories unknown in our quest for the best Chinese restaurant on all of Long Island.

Friends tipped us off about Yao’s.  Reviews, we’ve read, have make our mouths drool. Though, we know, as should you, that those reviews are those… but, only our reviews will give you the true tale.  The tale that you can take the bank, and stick your payroll on the line, regardless if you have to take money from your retirement account or not. You’ll know if we say it’s good, it’s the real deal. What better marketing could a restaurant want than to win over the Mee’s?  We’ve programmed our GPS’s, synchronized our watches, and we’re ready to go.

When?  Well, in all fairness to other dining patrons, we’re choosing at this time NOT to publicly divulge the dates and time that we plan to arrive, and lay waste to the offerings that will be presented to us.  EXCEPT, we will give two lucky couples a chance to see the Mee’s in action.  From all the comments that are written in response to this post, we will choose two lucky winners, and we will let them in on our little secret.

Pretty easy right?

Just wait.  We’re full of even more surprises!  We’ve only just begun!

Chop Chop!

Humbly submitted by,

Mee Magnum

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  1. Debbi,

    What are some of your favorite Chinese Restaurants? Perhaps we can add them to our list and when we go…

    Mee Magnum

  2. I am plotzing to have dinner with you guys! I can’t imagine a more fun way to enjoy a Chinese dinner. Please pick me!!!

    • Debbi,

      Are you still interested? We might need to shake things up on our next Quest. We’re not going in with high expectations (yes, the Chinese restaurant has been chosen… we just don’t publicly announce it, nor the date ahead of time… but I have been guilty of dropping hints all over the place).

      Perhaps we need a guest reviewer to spice it up.

      Please let me know if you’re still interested.


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