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A Little Inter-Continental Love

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Love, Sino-American Style

We came across a website today, when we were contacted by one of the Contributing Authors and Editors, Erica Lyons, who also just happens to also be the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the “Asian Jewish Life“.  Their organization is  Hong Kong based.  She liked our blog, so I had to return the favor and visit their website (Hence, the title of this post, “A Little Inter-Continental Love”).


Our blog is all about a Jews love of Chinese food, and we help you to find the BEST Chinese restaurants on all of Long Island.  But apparently, there is more to life than just food (I’m still debating that assertion 😉 ).

So we checked out Erica’s website, and felt compelled to share the link with you.  The more we become immersed in the culture, I feel the better we’ll be able to rate the restaurants we visit.  And, perhaps we can sprinkle in a few little tidbits that we pick up from the Asian Jewish Life website, and we’ll dazzle our hosts with our new found brilliance.  Who knows?  Perhaps we’ll score a free meal or appetizers! 😉

So, what’s her website about?

Asian Jewish Life is a celebration of the diversity of the Jewish experience in Asia as well as of Asian Jewry.

We publish a quarterly print magazine that is also available on-line that seeks to:

  • Connect the separate pockets of Jewish Life throughout the region by creating a contemporary creative outlet to share thoughts, ideas and promote unity through memoirs, poetry, short fiction, historical pieces, book and film reviews, viewpoint articles, artist profiles, photography and graphic art.

  • Help preserve the long history that Jewish life has imprinted on the region.

  • Break down common stereotypes about where Jews hail from or what we look like.

  • Build bridges with local communities by sharing our celebration of Jewish life in the region with the aim of leading to a broader understanding of the richness of the Jewish tradition and culture.

  • Help other Jewish non-profit organizations with a regional focus to grow along with us.

If you like Erica’s website, please let her know!

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