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“For the Jewish Lovers of Chinese Food”

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Asian Jewish Life

This is from a blog post on the Asian Jewish Life website, that I wanted to share with you, and give you a link to the rest of the article, and to their website.

I was going to just post this as a comment to my prior blog post, but this was just too nice, and informative, to bury it in a comment.

There are countless jokes about Jews’ love for Chinese food. Many have examined this connection and attempt to explain it: a shared immigrant experience, pockets of American Jewry living side by side to Chinese Americans, Chinese restaurants being the only places open on Christmas, a shared obsession of food, cultures that connect food and family, and the absence of dairy products in Chinese cuisine makes it easy to kosher. Whatever the rationale, the connection is certainly well documented.

Agreed, Jews love Chinese food but we have stumbled on enthusiasts who take this a step further. They are on a quest: The Chinese Quest. They are “five hungry Jewish guys’” searching “for the Best Chinese Restaurant on Long Island (NY)” and have dedicated their blog to exactly this purpose…

To read the rest of the post click here.

And be sure to check out their entire website by clicking on the banner below:


They can also be followed on Twitter at @AsianJewishLife

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  1. I love Chinese food it is healthy and delicious…. Thanks for sharing

  2. You should check out their website!

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