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The Last Supper – COVID-19 Edition

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Mini Mee and I had what turned to be the Last Supper on Sunday, March 15, 2020, before the chairs were flipped upside down and tables cordoned off for weeks now.  While we were in Brooklyn, picking up some fish at Amazing Aquarium, (which by the way we highly recommend… Great Tropical Fish store, especially for Aquascapers.  Amazing Aquarium is an extremely well-kept store, with very knowledgeable staff.  And, their prices on fish are the lowest we have seen in the tri-state area!), we decided to eat some dinner before the hour-long drive home. 


Per a prior recommendation from one of the workers at Amazing Aquarium, I wish I remember her name, we ate for the second time now at Mr. Bun, which is located at 2048 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11214.  



The announcements were just coming in, and the Owner was keeping us informed that starting tomorrow, they, and all restaurants in New York City, and soon the announcement extended that to all of New York State,  could only be open for take-out and delivery.  We should have ordered a bunch of dishes to take home.  Who knew it was going to last this long?  We have just learned that like most restaurants, they have temporarily closed until at least April 15th, but likely longer.  How much longer?  No one knows.

The restaurant is whimsically decorated with Anime characters painted on the walls, action figures displayed everywhere, and really cute cartoons posted all over.

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Mr. Bun, as you can imagine, has lots of Dumplings and Buns on their menu, plus lots of really great other dishes.  We sampled quite a few.  We know that the next time we are in the area, we are going to go back again!  Thank you Mr. Bun.  We already miss your Dumplings!

So what was on the menu of our Last Supper, COVID-19 Edition:


Soup DumplingsSoup Pork Dumplings

Just absolutely superb.  The soup was steaming hot and not salty.  The pork was plentiful.  The wrapper just the right textures, thickness, and consistency.  The wrapper didn’t break once while lifting it on to the Chinese Soup Spoon.  Grade:  A

Fried-Pork-DumplingsPan-Fried Pork Dumplings

These were as good as I have had.  Perhaps the only place I’ve had better was a Dumpling Galaxy in Flushing. 

Grade:  A

Scallion Pancake with Sliced Beef

Scallion-Pancake-Sliced-BeefWhen made with just the right amount of hoisin sauce, this dish could be my most favorite Chinese dish.  They had the sauce down pat.  There just needed to be a little more beef in the pancake.  Grade:  B

Pan-Fried Pork Bun

Pan-Fried-Pork-BunI was thinking  Char Siu Biao when I ordered this dish.  Not quite the same as I was expecting, but that’s my fault.  The bun was Yum.  I really loved the contrasting texture between the crispier fried base and the softer bun above the fried-line.  There could have been a little more pork inside.  But, overall this was a most satisfying dish.  Grade:  B

An incredibly delicious dinner for just over $20 for two.  Get in line when they re-open.  You’re going to want to go to Mr. Bun!



I apologize for the long gap in posting articles.  I’ve been busy installing, updating, and running anti-virus software on all of my computers.  The good news is that my computer is virus-free and I have a nice backlog of articles to write.

The Dark Ages


A month later, we are still in the Dark Ages.  Dark Ages II for Jews without Chinese food as most Chinese restaurants and take out restaurants decided to close and wait out this Plague.  Lord, please save us from famine.

Stay Strong!  Stay Healthy!!

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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  1. In a reply to this article on Mr. Bun’s (I cringe when typing that!j Facebook page that they are hoping to reopen soon.

    I don’t think thought that can be construed to mean they will reopen prior to the lifting of the ban on dining in at Restaurants. Though, I guess it coukd mean that they plan to offer take-out and delivery service again before the dining in ban is lifted.

    Let us hope for at least that much. I’m really missing Chinese food.

  2. Looking for recommendations on where to get Chinese food today.

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