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A Chinese Cookbook Offer (You Can’t Refuse!)

The Chinese Quest was very honored to have been selected by Jenny Jade to try out some of the recipes she included in her cookbook, and allowed us a sneak peak at some of the recipes in her cookbook, “Chinese Food at Home” and to share then with our followers.  As a special thanks, she included a section at the end of her cookbook about The Chinese Quest allowing us to express why we love authentic Chinese food!


Her cookbook is going to be a living book in that she’s going to keep adding sections and recipes to it.  If you buy it once, you’ll get all the updates for free.


Now the offer… by being a loyal Chinese Quest follower, we are going to give you a unique, limited time offer to buy the book for only 99 cents ($0.99).  This offer will expire in a week.  After that if you want the book you’ll have to pay the full retail price.


What’s the catch?  Well, actually, there are two:


  1. We ask that you post a review and comments (and requests for future recipes) in the Comment Section that follows this article.
  2. Post an honest review on Amazon – this will help Jenny make future updates to her cookbook… and perhaps encourage her to write a second one!

After just two days, the cookbook has become the #1 New Release in Chinese Cooking!


Don’t delay, order today!  A link, yes, a link would help wouldn’t it?   Click here to get “Chinese Food at Home”.

Also, for signing up with your email, you will get access to some extra “secret recipes” as a bonus. We will send you the bonus recipes in the next week. They already have over five and will work on more in the future.  To get those added bonuses, click here.

Please share the book and the food you make. Enjoy authentic Sichuan food at home!

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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