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Preview of “365 Noodle Bar and Grill”, Hicksville, NY

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A Preview, if you will, not a Review.  For this was a spur of the moment decision by Mini Mee and I when we learned that a new Chinese restaurant had recently opened, and one of their specialties is Soup Dumplings.  You know The Dumpling King can’t pass up an opportunity to have some Soup Dumplings, don’t you?  And it was just by coincidence that it was located so close to his Archery League at C&B Archery in Hicksville365 Noodle Bar and Grill is located at 478 Plainview Rd., Hicksville, NY 11801.  It is, yet another new authentic Chinese restaurant that is opening all over Long Island.


Don’t get confused if you’re searching for the restaurant and the website calls it 365 Food Kitchen.  Perhaps they had a change of heart and changed the name before they opened.  But, I’m not sure why they included “bar and grill” in the restaurants name.  I didn’t see a bar when I walked in.  And “grill” gives one the impression that it could be a burger joint and not an authentic Chinese restaurant.  In case the sign above the restaurant, with the name in Chinese as well as English, wasn’t enough to convince you, all you had to do to confirm was look down when you get to the door!

The restaurant is also located adjacent to a large Asian Supermarket, H & Y Marketplace, so you can be sure that their ingredients are fresh!

Once you walk in there’s no question that 365 Noodle Bar and Grill is the real deal.  The decor was gorgeous, with some beautiful wall murals, and some vases and such, making it a veritable visual treat.  The menu was another confirmation of this Chinese restaurant’s “authenticity”.  Featuring such dishes as Sliced Pig Ear, Braised Pig Elbow in Soy Sauce, Spicy Duck Head or Spicy Duck Neck, Cucumber and Jelly Fish Salad, and Ba Bao Zhou being just some of the examples.  There are no chow mein noodles on table, though there were plenty of Noodle dishes on the menu.  There was, however, Pickled Cabbage and Carrots.  The Tea Mugs were most unusual as well.


But, we were here just to try it out, and of course have some Soup Dumplings.  So it was just two appetizers, and then off to Mini Mee’s appointed rounds on the Archery Range (by the way, he shot at Personal Best this night at 20 yards!)


Soup Dumplings – Served VERY hot (temperature wise).  I liked them a lot.  Mini Mee rated them 3.96 (out of 5.00).  He’s a tough one to please!  But, this was a good score from him!

Chinese Hamburger – Time for me to try something I’ve never had before.  Served on a buttermilk biscuit that almost looked like an English Muffin.  You had a choice of pork or beef.  I opted for beef.  It’s served with Chinese cilantro which gave it a nice little bite when I, umm, took a bite.


The Bottom Line

Would I recommend 365 Noodle Bar and Grill to my brother’s Mee for a formal review? 

The envelope please.

The Verdict

Due to it’s favorable central location, and the fact that it’s very authentic.  The verdict is… YES!

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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  1. I like those noodles.

  2. Has anyone tried any of the other dishes at 365 Noodle Bar and Grill? If so, which would you recommend?

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