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Tummy Talk: An Interview with Mini Mee

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This is the sixth, and a bonus, interview in our series, called Tummy Talk, where we introduce you to the members of The Chinese Quest.

Today we are interviewing Mini MeeMini Mee is the son of Mee Magnum.   Whether it was his birthright, or hereditary, clearly Mini Mee was born in to the Quest.

Mini Mee is Long Island born and raised.  He’s currently in Middle School, and living the dream.  Other information about him is considered highly confidential and classified.  All that can be publicly divulged is his “rank”.  He IS the self-proclaimed “Dumpling King”.  We were very fortunate to be able to obtain this exclusive interview with him.  Consider it a true insider’s look at The Chinese Quest.

The Dumpling King

Tummy Talk (TT):  Can you tell our readers a bit more about your love of Chinese food?
Mini Mee (mm):  I love dumplings. I don’t really like anything else. At least not yet. Dumplings are the best because they have meat on the inside and the wrappers on the outside taste just like pasta.  Dumplings are the perfect food.

TT:  Why do you call yourself the Dumpling King?
mm:  Because I love dumplings.  And dumplings love me. I eat more dumplings than any other person in the whole world.

TT:  What in particular is the first impression you take when you enter a Chinese restaurant?
mm:  I want my seat to be very comfortable. I like to see a clean restaurant. And, I want the menu to have lots of pictures and to look modern.

TT:  What’s your favorite dish?
mm:  Dumplings. D’oh!  Any more stupid questions??

TT:  Well, yes.  Umm, why the Quest?
mm:  Because I’m the son of Mee Magnum. And I love Dumplings.  And the best dumplings are found at Chinese restaurants.  And the Chinese Quest takes me on the road to find the best Dumplings in the world.

TT:  Are there any secrets you can share, or stories that you’ve never told anyone else?
mm:  I really don’t like Chinese food all that much.  But, I do like Dumplings.  Don’t tell anyone, but I only go along on these Quests for my Dad.

TT:  What do you hope to accomplish on the Quest in the coming year?
mm:  To find the best Dumpling on Long Island.

TT:  What about the future?
mm:  I hope that one day I can follow in my Dad’s footsteps, and keep his legacy alive.

TT:  Would you ever try anything other than dumplings in a Chinese restaurant?
mm:  No. The dumpling is the perfect food. What else does a boy need?

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to spend a few minutes with us and to give our readers a chance to get to know you better.

Are there any questions you would like to ask Mini Mee?  If you post them in the comments, I’m sure he will reply to each and every question.

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