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Tummy Talk – An Interview w/Mee Magnum

Welcome to Tummy Talk

This is the first in what we hope will become a regular series of columns interviewing each member of The Chinese Quest.  We hope you’ll get to know each of us more up close and personally, by getting inside on our tummies.  The center of our Quest.  Hence the title of this column.  So, let us begin our journey with out first interview of myself, Mee Magnum (MM).


Tummy Talk (TT):  Thank you, Mee Magnum, for taking some time between courses to chat with us for a few minutes.

MM:  You’re welcome.  Make it snappy though, my food is almost ready.


TT:  Can you tell our readers a bit more about your love of Chinese food?

MM:  It all started a very early age.  Perhaps within the womb.  There’s just something about Chinese food that makes me feel warm, comfortable, and happy.  Or perhaps it was just being in the womb.


TT:  What’s the furthest you’ve ever travelled to enjoy Chinese food?

MM:  On the Quest we’ve gone out as far east as Centereach, and west to Flushing.  We really need to explore Chinatown too.  But, that might have to wait until Summer.  Outside the Quest I don’t want to travel far to enjoy my Chinese food.  When I want it, I want it, and I want it NOW.  Chinese food isn’t for waiting (why do you think it’s always ready in 10 minutes?  Or less!!?)


TT:  What in particular is the first impression you take when you enter a Chinese restaurant?

MM:  If it’s in the confines of New York City, we look at the rating.  That’s a joke.  Sorry.  I look for one thing.  Asians.  The more the better.  It’s a sign.  Kind of like the rating posted in the front window.  Only, it’s a more reliable barometer.


TT:  What’s your favorite dish?

MM:  A good sparerib is hard to resist…  And hard to find!


TT:  Why the Quest?

MM:  If not us, then who?  It’s a serious problem, and someone needed to step up.  We banded together, willing to sacrifice our time, money, and bellies, trying all kinds of unmentionable dishes, enduring all kinds of hardships, and bathrooms, for the noble purpose of finding THE BEST Chinese restaurant around.  So, we can say, “let our people eat!”


TT:  Are there any secrets you can share, or stories you’ve never told anyone else?

MM:  What happens on the Quest stays in the family.  Otherwise, I would have to kill you.  And I can’t do that.  Not out of moral reasons, but for the more selfish fact that I need you to post this article, or, we’ll have had nothing posted now for a few days.  Lucky for you!


TT:  What do you hope to accomplish on the Quest in the coming year?

MM:  Our goal has never wavered.  We are on a Quest to find the best Chinese restaurant on Long Island (or Flushing… or Chinatown).


TT:  What about in the future?

MM:  I wouldn’t complain if we got featured again in the Newspaper.  Or, if someone came along and offered us a kings ransom to do a television show.  I could see us on the big screen one day too.


TT:  Would you play yourself, or would you have an Actor play you?  And if so, who?

MM:  It’s not that I have high illusions about myself, but I wouldn’t want any Actor having to stoop so low as to play such an unimportant role such as myself.


TT:  Would you ever try a different type of food?

MM:  I would never say never, would I?  Did I?  I think I did.  But, I’m not.  I would never rule anything out.  But, let’s first milk this for all it’s worth.  Umm, I mean, we haven’t completed our Quest yet.  Why?  Are you tired of reading our columns?  You can’t stop us from reviewing more restaurants and posting other items of interest, with out keen insight, wit, and not to mention, wisdom (which I think I just mentioned).  You could of course pay us off.  We are Jews after all.


TT:   I want to thank you for your time.  Are there any parting words you have for our readers?

MM:  You’re most welcome.  Just these, “Stay hungry my friends… Our Quest has only just begun… We promise to take you to the promised land.  Chop!  Chop!”

Welcome to Tummy Talk, this is the first in what we hope will become a regular series of columns interviewing each member of The Chinese Quest. Read more!

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