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QQ Cafe Noodle House in Little Neck, NY

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Though we couldn’t gather a minyan this evening, Mee Tsu Yan, and Mee Yong Joo, joined with me and Mini Mee to dine at QQ Cafe Noodle House.   qq-noodle-house-menuLocated just around the corner from Pine Court Chinese Bistro, QQ is located at 56-09 Marathon Pkwy, Little Neck, NY 11362.  And if you remember, on that very corner between the two is a Carvel Ice Cream store!  

The Noodle House came highly recommended and we looked forward to a good meal.  The seating area in the restaurant is quite small.  Perhaps five tables, which were all taken by the time we finished our meal.  They also did a brisk take-out business.


If you weren’t sure if this restaurant served authentic Chinese food, you just had to talk to the waitresses to be convinced.  Despite having to overcome a language barrier (my English isn’t very good.  But, it is slightly better than my Chinese and their English) we managed to order some of their signature dishes.

Mini Mee, The Dumpling King, was eager to try their Soup Dumplings.  On the menu it’s called Pork Steamed Dumplings.  The first order didn’t have a lot of soup in them.  They definitely needed the dumpling sauce.  The King ordered a second order, as he wasn’t quite yet willing to try some of the other dishes that we had ordered.  He said, that there was more soup in those dumplings.  Despite all that, he could only rate them 1.75 on his Dumplometer* (which ranges from 0 to 5).

* Patent Pending

The other dish we started with was the Beef Stew Noodle Soup.  Though the waitress said it was a dish for one person, we said we would all like to try it… She seemingly understood, and we expected it to come out in four bowls.  Something either got lost in the translation or got lost between our table and the kitchen, for it came out in one large bowl.  We managed to split it out using the bowls that came with the dumplings.  The Udon noodles in the soup seemed to go on forever.  There were about five nice sized chunks of beef in the soup, some greens, and, for some reason, half a hard boiled egg.


The waitresses seemed to want to take our entire order all at once.  We had a hard time throttling them back.  We wanted to enjoy each dish, and rate it on its own merit.  AND, the table was pretty small.  If they brought out all the food at once, there would have been no place left for us to eat!

Next we tried Cumin Lamb.  I liked this dish a lot.  The cumin certainly didn’t overwhelm the dish, but gave just the right amount of seasoning.

Lastly, we had the Pork Chops with Sweet and Sour Sauce.  This was HUGE portion of pork chops.  If they had called the dish Peking Style Pork Chops I would have thought it was the same dish!  


By this time we were all full.  And though we couldn’t express our feelings in words, apparently our expressions did the trick, for a few minutes later they came out with the bill.  Everything, I felt was reasonably priced.

And though this is not an official review of QQ Cafe Noodle House, I still passed around the scorecard, so we could compare and contrast against other restaurants, and give you an idea of what we thought of the restaurant:


It’s score converts to an “Average” score if this were an official review.  Personally, I enjoyed the experience.  I think you might enjoy it too if you wanted to try something a little different.

If you have ever dined at QQ Cafe Noodle House, please share your experience in the comments below.

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop! Chop!”)

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