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Why Settle for ONE Chinese Restaurant When You Can Have an Entire Mall!

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I admit it, I like shopping.  But I don’t always like going to the mall.  They’re always so crowded.  Always have all the same stores.  What if I could design The Mall of my Dreams?  What would it include?  Lots of different stores.  Lots of veritable delights.  For sure, it would smell good.  It would entice my eyes, and my appetite.  Appetite?  Yeah, appetite!

The Mall of Dreams


Little do you know from the street what treasures and pleasures are waiting within.  The steady flow of people walking in (yes, you can’t tell from this picture… you have no idea how hard it was to stem the flow of pedestrian traffic long enough to get a clear photograph of the mall entrance!) could have tipped you off.  As well as the sated look on people’s faces as they left the mall (not all were toting shopping bags either.  That was tip #2).

As if the colors didn’t blind you when you enter through the double entrance, the aromas wafting from the escalators going to down would surely draw you like a bee to honey.  Or a moth to light.  Or a, … Heck!  You get the idea.  

Let me just show you, ok?  

You’ll have to smell and taste for yourself!  It’s an adventure!!

And it’s worth the show!  You can even watch them making dumplings right in front of you!

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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