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[REVIEW] Jade Asian Restaurant, Flushing, NY [CLOSED]

[Update:  Jade Asian Closed in 2018]

Normally, we are creatures of the night.  Always reviewing Chinese restaurants during their dinner service.  Though the sun may still be up when we arrive, we always leave under the veil of darkness.  Today, we tried something different.  Lunch at “Jade Asian Restaurant“, which is located at 136-28 39th Ave., Flushing, NY 11354.


You know what lunch time means, right? Daylight!!

The Light!  The Light!!

It’s so bright!

So we asked the Manager to dim sum.

And he did!

And so we ate!

Specials posted on the door:


If those specials don’t whet your appetite, just wait until you see the photo gallery further on of the dishes that we did eat!

Picture this if you can.  It’s a Monday afternoon… we walk in.  And every table at this ginormous Chinese restaurant is already taken!  20 minutes wait!  Felt like we were in that famous Seinfeld episode… Calling table after table.  But, we didn’t dare walk out!

While we waited for the four of us to arrive (Mee Yong Joo could not make it.  He had money to make), we were relentlessly approached by cart-pushing Ladies.  If ever I’m looking to hire good salespeople, Dim Sum Chinese restaurants are the first place I would go to hire some!  They’re always selling!  Selling!  SELLING!!  And looking to close the Deal.  It was hard to say “No” after awhile!


On the table were these posted specials:

table-special-jade-asianThanks to Karlin Chan, who replied almost immediately to my Facebook post asking for a translation. They are four different styles of “cooked Goose”:

  • Braised Taro/Goose
  • Sizzling plate Goose
  • Marinated in wine Goose
  • Goose braised in beer

But, we were here to eat Dim Sum.  And gosh did we!  Remember those cart-pushing women I spoke of earlier?  Well, they nearly burst our bellies until we figured out how to say “No Mas!” in Chinese (which by the way is 不再, or Bù zài, for those of you who don’t read, nor speak, Chinese)

Sit back for a moment and enjoy this slideshow of all Dim Sum dishes that we enjoyed this afternoon:

Shrimp Dumplings


In total we ordered 12 different Dim Sum dishes, including multiples of a few.  There must have been a hundred other dishes that we didn’t get to try.  This time!

Highlights of some of the Dim Sum dishes:

  • Shrimp Dumplings – A classic.  Good way to start off our meal!
  • Crab Meat Dumplings – Very picturesque, and delicious!
  • Roast Pork Buns (Char Siu Bao) – Just marvelous!
  • Salt & Pepper Fried Shrimp – JUMBO shrimp!  I would even call them prawns.  Supposedly you eat it all… including the eyes and the tail!
  • Shrimp wrapped in Bacon – Definitely not Kosher.  And apparently not low calorie either!  However, this bacon was off the hook, yet managed to stay on the shrimp!

With bloated bellies, they tallied up our Dim Sum orders, and we accepted the check.  Seriously, you’re not going to get a bargain like this (which included some beer and soda) anywhere else but at Dim Sum!


If anyone can translate, or identify from the pictures, what was that $25 special that we ordered??

And now for the moment of truth for Jade Asian Chinese Restaurant.  Our rating:


Perusing the Dim Sum menu when I got home, I would have like to have tried two of the following three dishes:

  1. Rice Steamed with Spare Ribs
  2. Steamed Duck Tongue with Celery
  3. Steamed Egg Cream Roll

Can you guess which one I would have passed on?

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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Dim Sum at Jade Asian Chinese Restaurant in Flushing was a new experience for The Chinese Quest. Once we got used to the light, you won’t believe what we ate!

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5 Stars


Summary : Good Dim Sum!

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    Karlin Chan: Thank you for the translations! I used them in the article, and credited you. Much appreciated!!

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