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Christmas-6 Days: Best Chinese Restaurants in Queens

‚ÄėTwas the week¬†before Christmas, when all through the¬†shul
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mule;
The shmatas were hung by their menorah with care,
In hopes that their Christmas Dinner soon would be there;
The children were nestled all snug in their beds;
While visions of Chinese food danced in their heads;

new-york-city-statue-liberty-empire-state-buildingAnd for all our brethren in New York City who have suffered as they drooled over our list of best Chinese restaurants on Long Island, now it is your turn.  G-d forbid you have to fight Christmas traffic and sit on the Long Island Expressway for hours on end before you can get your Chinese food, we bring the Chinese food to you.  No, we’re not delivering.  But, we are going to deliver to you the list of our favorite Chinese restaurants in New York City.

Ok New York City, yes, we are going to disappoint you all yet again.  For those of you who think that New York City is just Manhattan, WAKE UP!  

queens-new-yorkIn fact, for your ignorance, we are going to spite you people (very Christmassy of me, isn’t it?), as we have since we started this Quest. ¬†

When are you people going to make it easy to drive in to Manhattan for Pete’s sake? ¬†Traffic. ¬†Tolls. ¬†Parking. ¬†Nightmares. ¬†So nu? ¬†For all intents and purposes, we’ve pretty much only ventured as far as Queens. ¬†Queens IS part of New York City though, y’know?!