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[REVIEW] “Shanghai Cuisine 33”, Flushing, NY

Lest you think that we passed over (pun perhaps intended) a Quest last month, you would be wrong.  And I’m here not only to correct that myth, but also to tell you about a most fabulous dinner that we had last month at “Shanghai Cuisine 33” in Flushing, New York.  Shanghai Cuisine 33 is situated on Main Street in Flushing, but not near the heart of downtown Flushing, but south of there and just north of the Long Island Expressway.  Other Chinese restaurants that we have reviewed near Shanghai Cuisine 33 are “Lake Pavillion” and “Imperial Taiwanese Gourmet”.  


Shanghai Cuisine 33 is located at 57-33 Main Street, Flushing, New York.  And if you were just cruising by looking for a Chinese restaurant to eat at, odds are you wouldn’t have driven right passed this one and it never even would have registered in your mind to pull over and try it. And that, my friends, would have been your first mistake!  For, this was a gem, that we love to discover on our Chinese Quest, and why we will keep on Questing until, umm, I dunno!

The restaurants was recently(?) expanded, taking over the store that was right next door, and have doubled their seating capacity.  And I bet that after people read this article, they’re going to wish they purchased ALL the stores on the block, for the food was THAT good!

We got to enjoy a table, all by ourselves for most the night, in the “new” section.  BTW, the new section also includes the bar which has Happy Hour specials SEVEN days of the week for those looking for a little nip before you dip.  The owners of Shanghai Cuisine 33 own two other restaurants in Chinatown, and we had as our server this evening Lim (also known as Robert), who was working here tonight, though he usually can be found downtown.

Enough already with all the background chatter, let’s get to the food you say!  Ok, let’s!  We started off with three appetizers.  On the menu they offered three different types of Soup Dumplings.  We opted to try two of them.  Crab and Pork Soup Dumplings, and Black Truffle Soup  Dumpling.  I have to say, these were some of the best soup dumplings I have ever had.  If you closed your eyes (though be careful you don’t burn your mouth and tongue), I’d be hard pressed to tell these apart from those found at Joe’s Shanghai in the heart of downtown Flushing.  But, hey, that’s just Mee!


Our other appetizer was a take on our base lining standard, spareribs.  These were Wuxi Spareribs.  They say it was in a casserole.  Perhaps I’m not familiar with casseroles, but this didn’t look like it was served that way.  They were braised short ribs, that were NOT short of taste of flavor.  When you go to Shanghai Cuisine 33, please make sure that you try this dish.


Entree time!

Chilean Sea Bass – Each piece was served up on a piece of zucchini and topped with scallions.  Stop the presses right here.  I think we might have a Questie in the making.  Definitely in the running!  We played a little game amongst ourselves of “The Price is Right”.  We didn’t even come close to guessing the price of this treasure.  Some guesses were actually TWICE the actual price, and none of us guessed under.  For $16, THIS was the steal of the century.  You MUST order this dish when you dine here.

Shanghai Noodles with Chinese Leeks, Pork, and Mushrooms.  Fabulous.  Just the right amount of flavor and seasoning.  This was a wonderful dish.


Snow Peas with Garlic – How can you NOT like any Chinese vegetables.  And let me tell you, you’re going to love this dish too!

Braised Spring Chicken with Spicy House Special Sauce.  I could have plotzed.  But, I’ll save that for later.  We were eating like kings, and this was another great dish.


Young-Chow-Fried-RiceYoung Chow Fried Rice – Perhaps my least favorite of all the dishes we ate. But, the other Mee’s were quite fond of it.  So, while it’s not a bad dish, it just didn’t compare with all the others that we ate that evening.  And I’m reiterating we had a mighty fine meal!

Before we present our numerical analysis of Shanghai Cuisine 33, let me tempt you with one of there fact about this fabulous Chinese restaurant.  Count all those dishes that we ordered.  Throw in a few beers and Pina Colada’s, some tax for good measure, and the total bill for the five us was just $122.  Now I was ready to plotz!  Need I say more?  Mee thinks not.  Let’s now let the numbers speak for themselves:


Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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Shanghai Cuisine 33 is a GREAT Chinese restaurant located on Main Street in Flushing, New York, south of the congested downtown area. You will find great food, easy street parking, and…

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