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“Golden Cove” Chinese Restaurant, Greenvale, NY

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The other day, V. Stoogas and I, were meeting up to discuss some business.  And you know, when we get down to business, our business often turns to Chinese food.  And of course, we were hungry just a few minutes in to our meeting, so we turned our attention as to where to eat.  Not wanting a big meal, but not wanting take out, but still wanting something close, V. Stoogas suggested a Chinese restaurant that we could get a good meal at and sit there and talk.  

“Golden Cove” Chinese Restaurant at 5 Glen Cove Road, Greenvale, NY 11548 fit the bill.  It wasn’t exactly a take-out restaurant, and it wasn’t exactly a sit down Chinese restaurant.  I’m going to coin the phrase, it was a Hybrid Chinese Restaurant. 

There were plenty of tables, but oddly no waiters.  Despite the fact that menus are viewable under the glass tops on every table.  One thing worth mentioning that almost all those table that I spoke of, were filled!  Still you ordered at the counter (pictured below):


The menu consisted of the usual fare.  We ordered from the “Luncheon Special” [sic].  I ordered my usual dish that I almost always get the first time that I try a new Chinese restaurant, “Beef with Broccoli“, which was served with Wonton Soup and Pork Fried Rice.  

When I saw that there was Chicken Chow Mein on the menu, I twisted V. Stoogas’s arm to order it.  For it was I who encouraged him to get it at the last Chinese restaurant that we reviewed, Hui Ming in West Sayville, NY.  As bad as it looked and tasted at Hui Ming, I had to redeem myself (Was it up to me to redeem?  I don’t know.  But, I felt responsible, and so I took on the obligation and the onus).  How bad could it be?  Well, I was glad that it looked (pictured below on the right) a LOT better than what Hui Ming served!  How did it taste?


Well, the Beef and Broccoli was up to snuff.  The Chicken Chow Mein, not so much.  But, it was better than at Hui Ming, said V.  The Wonton Soup was quite delish.

Would I recommend taking out, or dining in, at Golden Cove again?  If I was in the neighborhood, I would.  Have you?

What are some of your favorite Chinese restaurants (dine-in or take-out)?  Shout them out in the comments below.

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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