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The Best of The Chinese Quest

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The Best of the Best, The “Questie”, is awarded annually to the five best dishes from the prior year.  Forget all the other metrics that go in to our Chinese restaurant reviews.  This award looks at one thing and one thing only.  A dish of Chinese food.  You can imagine the intense competition and the scrutiny that each and every dish undergoes that The Chinese Quest ate last year.  Narrowing it down to only five dishes was quite an challenge in and of itself.

The announcement of the winner’s of last year’s Questie’s was made public back in February, and captured on video and can be viewed on The Chinese Quest’s YouTube Channel.  We have now completed the presenting of the Questie’s to the well deserving Chinese restaurants that served up those delicacies.

Earlier this year we presented TWO Questies to Green Leaf Chinese Restaurant in Port Washington, New York.  A few nights ago we awarded the last three Questie’s for the best dishes of last year.

The Questie goes to…

The last three Questie’s were presented last week to:


Our first award presentation this evening went to Spicy & Tasty in Flushing, NY for their incredible dish of “Sliced Beef in Fresh Hot Pepper“.

Accepting the award on behalf of the Owner and Manager was Sam.

A simple comment totally encapsulated the splendor of this magnificent dish:  “Like butter”.  It is an AMAZING dish.  Perhaps the best piece of beef that Mee V. Stoogas never had.  Sorry you missed out on this one Bro!

Spicy & Tasty, true to their name serves some of the spiciest Chinese food we have ever EVER eaten, and some of the tastiest too!  If you’ve never tried this restaurant, and you love spicy taste, take our recommendation to try this restaurant and try their award winning dish too!




Our next presentation was to Pine Court Chinese Bistro in Little Neck, NY.  Their award winning dish was “Pan Fried Rack of Lamb with Honey & Pepper Sauce“.  Quite a mouthful to say, and quite the treat to enjoy!!

Another very authentic Chinese restaurant.  This one appealing more towards milder, Cantonese style food.  And you’ll get the added bonus of it being a BYOB restaurant, with a Wine and Spirits store on the same block.  And on the corner was a Carvel.  We hit the trifecta that night!

Describing their winning dish, we wrote, “We have never, ever, ever had a sauce like this.  The lamb was like butter.  The honey and pepper sauce was OFF THE HOOK.  Perhaps one of the best dishes we have ever had.  And it didn’t taste fried!”  Try it!  You’ll LOVE it!


Here’s Mee Tsu Yan presenting the Questie to Tony of Pine Court Chinese Bistro:


Moonstone-Red-Snapper Our last stop on our Quest to award our Questie’s was to Moonstone in Great Neck, NY. for their award winning dish, “Red Snapper“.  Johnny enthusiastically accepted the award on behalf of Moonstone.

As we wrote in our review of this dish, “[It was] Crispy yet it melted in your mouth.  BEST piece of fish I’ve had in, maybe for ever!”.

Moonstone is a fairly recently opened authentic Chinese restaurant in Great Neck, NY.  Their interior and presentation clearly cater to the panache of the Gold Coast of Long Island.  For a really special night out, you’ll make a tremendous impression on your special other, if you take them here.  And look for the Questie front in center by the cashier.  In FRONT of other plaques from the esteemed newspapers, Long Island’s Newsday and The New York Times!



Stay tuned… for next year we are completely re-designing the Questie.  We’re not going to spill the beans, but if you’re a Chinese restaurant that wants one of these highly sought after awards, and you’re certainly going to want to display what will surely be a most sought after, and recognized, award, so read on…

Dear Chinese Restaurant Owner / Manager / Chef’s:  Do you think you’ve got a Chinese dish that’s Questie-worthy?  If so, we want to hear from you!  Compel us to come.  Entice us with your offering.  Tantalize us with your talents. If you truly have what it takes, to be in the top one half of one percent of all Chinese dishes that we eat in a year, then we will show YOU our gratitude.

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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  1. Looking for best Dim Sum in Nssau and Quens

    • So many choices. Especially in Flushing. Fewer choices on Nassau County.

      A few choices for Nassau County:

      • – The Orient in Bethpage
      • – Fortune Wheel in Levittown (not my fav)

      In Queens, outside of Flushing:

      • – New Northern Manor, Little Neck
      • – LN 1380, Little Neck
      • – Canton Manor, Bayside
      • – Asian Jade Chinese Bistro, Little Neck

      In Flushing (not an exhaustive list):

      • – Lake Pavilion
      • – Good Fortune
      • – And many many more.
  2. So proud of The Roslyn Chamber of Commerce’s finest!

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