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When in the Poconos . . .

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The following guest article, was submitted by Richard Brody, aka Mee Rich Yee.  

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Another in the Continuing Series of

Discovering Chinese Restaurants Wherever You Are

My wife (a.k.a Mee Pee Wee C) and I went away for about five days during the July 4th holidays, and since we did not want to sit in the car for hours, nor get onto another airplane, opted to travel to the nearby Poconos. Less than 100 miles away, with golf, fishing, boating, swimming, etc., and don’t forget the flea markets, antique fairs, and, of course The Crossings Outlet Mall. We were there from Wednesday to Sunday, so after eating at some local places the first three nights, decided our last night just had to include Chinese food.

This brought us on our quest, and in a very scientific way, decided to go to a restaurant named Royal Asian Buffet. What made up our mind was that it was described as being located in the Price Chopper Plaza, in Marshall’s Creek, Pennsylvania. The fact that it was in Marshall’s Creek made it the odds – on choice, because (1) it was only about 10 minutes from where we were staying; and (2) my younger son’s name is Marshall. See, I told you it was scientific.


Located directly on Route 209 in Marshall’s Creek, we spotted the Price Chopper’s, and entered the shopping center. To the left of that store, occupying much of the left side of the center, was the restaurant. Not being one that usually enjoys buffets, I had limited expectations, but needed to get my fix of Chinese food.


Review of Royal Asian Buffet

The first thing you notice upon entering the restaurant is the sign in the entryway, with the prices. Since this was a holiday (July 4th), the holiday price would be required, as opposed to the weekday lunch, weekday dinner, weekend lunch or weekend dinner. So, the total price for their most expensive peak time was $14.95 per person. Then you enter the restaurant itself, and notice it is clean, large and quite busy.


The hostess seated us, and a pot of tea was delivered to the table, along with glasses of water. The buffet was truly sumptuous, with at least eight different large serving stations. Everything from soups through desserts, with everything in between, including a large array of beef, chicken, seafood (including lots of dishes with shrimps and lobster, both hot as well as shrimp cocktail, seafood salad, etc.), were available and fresh. The staff constantly brings new fresh items to the stations. Then, there was a sushi station, as well as one with fresh fruit, etc. Not only was it plentiful, but all dishes we had were tasty, fresh, and enjoyable.

The service was polite, courteous, prompt and excellent, and what a terrific value and surprise! Thank you to Mee Pee Wee C, for suggesting we go here!

Mee Rich Yee  nee Richard Brody

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  1. This review is by a local who has tried all the buffets in the area. The owner of Royal Buffet also owns China III restaurant and take out in Tannersville.
    This is the newest in the Poconos, so it does look great. The food is fair and on more than one occasion not hot to cold. I will never go back. Soups are comparable to East Gourmet Buffet in Bartonsville, but the comparison ends there with much better food at East Gourmet. Kahn’s Mongolean Grill and Bar in East Stroudsburg is much better than Royal Buffet, but lacks the desert selection at East Gourmet. Kahn’s is now 7.99 lunch compared to East Gourmet for 7.69 with a much larger selection. Kahn’s has a good system of only keeping foods cold with less waste than others and they grill the food you take with the sauce you choose, so it’s guaranteed hot off the grill. Their dinner has very little added for a much higher price compared to East Gourmet that adds many more dishes including peel and eat shrimp and hot crab legs, those two items not offered at Kahn’s.
    After trying each multiple times, you will find myself and most locals and repeat customers at East Gourmet Bartonsville. There are too many benefits to list.

  2. I LOVE that billboard! Very eye catching… and EIGHT Islands of unlimited Chinese food? Sounds like you found the eighth wonder of the world!!

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