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“C” is for Chinese Food #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z

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C-AtoZChallengeWhat else would “C” stand for, if not for Chinese food?  What else would we talk about?  If it weren’t for Chinese food, well not only would we not have anything to talk about, but we wouldn’t have a blog either.  And if we didn’t have a blog, then what would you be reading right now?  Kind of like, what is the sound of one hand clapping, isn’t it?  If you’re not reading the blog, then what are you doing?   Comment on!

So, why do we love Chinese food so much? It’s in our blood.  It’s in our heritage.  It’s what makes some of us Jews.  Well, some Jews it makes who they are.  And we be Mee, and we be they!  And, it’s not just for Christmas!

As we say on the blog, and as we also measure the Chinese restaurants that we review, it’s gotta have Jew Appeal!  Don’t know what that means?  Well, this article explains what Jew Appeal is.


Our lives are intertwined with memories of Chinese food.  Here are a few examples.

Some Early Mee Memories:

When I walk in to a Chinese restaurant, the first thing I notice is the aroma. There is something about the smells of onion, peppers, garlic, five spice power, and sesame oil as well as all of those other magic ingredients that form the brilliant masterpieces the chef creates.

Aside from Junior’s in Brooklyn, the only other type of restaurant I can ever remember eating at with my family was a Chinese restaurant.  And it was always special.  Of course, we didn’t call it going for Chinese food back then, but times have changed!

I’ve been eating Chinese food my whole life. Going to a Chinese restaurant is probably my earliest memory of eating out as a family. I grew up in a Kosher home, but we would bring in Chinese food, and eat it on paper plates. I guess my mother had her own ideas about being Kosher!

Some of my fondest memories actually took place in a Chinese restaurant. As in many homes, picking up Chinese food on Sunday nights was a ritual. I would accompany my father for this very important task.

My earliest memories of Chinese food is when my family went out for Chinese food almost every Sunday evening.  I used to love the pupu platter.  My mother used to always order chicken chow mein.  Every time!

My love of Chinese food goes back to my time when I lived in the United Kingdom.  I was first introduced to Chinese food there.  Later in life I had a Chinese client who lived in London and I used to visit him and he took me out for “authentic” Chinese food.

But, you see, the Quest is more than just Chinese food.  Though Chinese food is what ties us together, it is enjoying the company of good friends and having fun while applying our time tested ancient methods of tasting and reviewing the food we eat.  At the end of the day, our Quest will take us to many places, some great and some not so great, some fun and some awful places.  But no matter where we go, we have a great time and plenty of fun, which adds to the whole experience factor of the Quest.

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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  1. LaShaunda, thanks for stopping by! I haven’t been to St. Louis in ages, but you know I will check out a Chinese restaurant next time. Is there one you can recommend?

  2. I’m a huge fan of Chinese food. I’m from St. Louis and didn’t realize I wasn’t eating real Chinese food until I went to the Navy and ordered shrimp fried rice and it came to me with peas and carrots.

    St. Louis has it on flavor of Chinese food that’s like no other.

    I do visit real Chinese restaurants once in a while, but none can beat fried rice from a St. Louis.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. I too love Chinese food. In my old neighborhood, I was such a frequent visitor to the take out place that they let me go in the back and try to cook my own food on the wok. I was terrible at it and they laughed but it was fun.

    2015 A to Z Challenge Ambassador

  4. When I lived in Dublin, I shared the flat with four other girls and one of them was Chinese. We both like to cook, I can’t even tell you the fun we had in the kitchen… and I learned a lot of dishes I’d never imagined.

  5. I love Chinese food with indian flavour to it 😉 They call it Indo Chinese.. Mouthwatering 🙂 Undoubtedly, Food and great company always creates memory..

  6. Love how you describe your experiences. I love Chinese food too and yes, I agree, it starts with enticing aroma

  7. Love your comments about going out weekly for Chinese. In my family, it was Mexican food… Hey, I was in Texas! My grandfather always ordered chile rellanos, so I can relate to what you’re saying. Luckily, the family also liked other kinds of food, but really, it took the move to California before I fell for Chinese.

  8. crazy fun, in search of the best chinese food experience! good luck and thanks for the stories behind the hunt!
    happy c day!

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