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What is it about Jews and Chinese food? Some of my fondest memories actually took place in a Chinese restaurant. As in many homes, picking up Chinese food on Sunday nights was a ritual. I would accompany my father for this very important task (not sure if there was delivery back then). Dynasty was located at 1042 Northern Blvd., Roslyn (now it is Il Mulino). My father and I would pony up to the bar while we waited for the food to be ready. In my family, you never called in the order, so there was time for a drink, (or two or three), at the bar. As a young kid I would sit with my dad while he drank. We would catch up on things that happened throughout the school week. The conversations never got too serious, just small talk between father and son.

The year was 1976, October 1976 to be exact. This was the year that I turned 18. The Sunday following my birthday included our usual trip to Dynasty, but the trip was anything but usual. As my father and I stepped up to the bar, I realized that something was different. This time I would be ordering a drink too. (for all you youngin’s, in 1976 the drinking age was 18). As he ordered his usual vodka, I proceeded to order a beer. For the first time we were sitting as “equals”. In fact, over time our conversations became longer and more intense. We began to talk about politics, the future, and his childhood, among many other subjects. Many nights we bonded as adults on those Dynasty bar stools.

Unfortunately, I did not have much time with my dad. He passed away in 1984. I am very thankful for those special times. As a Jew, I am not surprised that these memories included a Chinese restaurant.

So I ask the question again, What is it about Jews and their Chinese food?

Does anyone remember the Dynasty? If so, please write in.  A BONUS QUESTION- What was the name of the Chinese restaurant that preceeded the Dynasty?

Fondly, Mee Tsu Yan

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  1. Tsu Yan, my brother-in-Chinese-food, thank you for sharing. That was a beautiful article. I’m sure you’ll always have your father in your heart. You stirred up some memories in me as well. I’m not sure I will be able to share them. But, perhaps in time.

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