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All Roads… Lead… Somewhere

The Road Less Traveled

Do you find yourself following the same route all the time?  Ever wonder why?  Is it comfort?  A sense of the familiar?  Ever wonder what’s out there?  Just beyond that bend… perhaps the fork.  What if you went left rather than right? What did you miss?  Can you imagine that your life would be completely different if you went the other way?  It would.

Are you wondering yet why I’m asking so many questions?  There!  I did it again.  Though just now I made a statement.  A fact.  And, here’s another fact.  Your life is going to be different.  From this point on.  You’re going to make a conscious decision.  A decision to open your mind.  And, a decision to take a chance.  After all, wouldn’t your life start to get boring if you did the same thing over, and over, and over again.  And again!

So, here’s our promise to you:  By following our blog we’re going to open your mind to new Chinese Restaurants.  New experiences.  You’re going to make new friends.  Heck, you already made five new ones.  And you’re going to start impressing your friends.  Your relatives.  Your neighbors.  Your co-workers at the water cooler.  You’re going to be THE expert.  The go to guy when it comes to choosing where to eat.  We’re going to feed you the inside scoop on where to get the best Chinese food around.

But, we have to ask you one favor in return.  Just one.  We don’t ask a lot.  We give a lot.  So, it’s the least that you can do for us.  I want you tomorrow to tell two people about this blog.  That’s it.  Just two.  In exchange you can tell everyone else that you encounter about the new Chinese Restaurant that THEY must try.  You don’t have to give us credit.  You paid your dues by referring us to two people.  The rest is yours.  You’re the winner.  The hero.  Who doesn’t want to be the hero?  Take the credit.  Be the hero!

So, you’ve come this far.  You’ve put up with all of my questions.  You now have the answer.  You can thank us later.  And, don’t forget to tip your waiter for their recommendations, their superior service.  For us, just tip us with two referrals.  Every day.

May YOUR road always lead to delicious food.  Just follow your GPS.  Us!  We’ll show you the way.

Stay hungry my friends.

— Mee Magnum “Chop!  Chop!

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