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And Now, In the Category of Best Supporting Role…

Chinese Take-Out Trophy Food AwardIn this season of award shows that give recognition to the best in the categories of acting, writing directing, etc., we should not forget those Chinese restaurants that, while they may not be in the “lead” category, stand among those in the “supporting” role as tops when maybe your tastes don’t desire the lead.

We as part of The Chinese Quest, have spent many hours trying to find the best Chinese restaurants that stand out as giving you the best food, service and value. These are the restaurants that should be known as a special treat when you want the best.  But, who among us, while at work, see that the midday meal time is quickly passing and just want to have somewhere we can order a quick lunch special that is worthy of the term “special” not just because of the price.

I submit for your approval the “supporting” role restaurants.  Those that push a tri-fold menu under your door filled with questionable spelling and grammar but may contain some better than average Chinese food from those chefs who may not have made their name just yet.   You know who I mean. You would rarely venture in to their location because you will see what they would rather you didn’t see. They weren’t built for décor but rather have chosen to spend their limited funds from their $6.00 specials on the food and the rent because they figure no one is coming in to dine anyway.  Coming in to pick up your  #4 Chicken with Garlic Sauce with brown rice and an egg roll may be a mistake because it is like visiting your best bachelor friend from high school unannounced.   Not to say your friendly neighborhood take-out joint is dirty, it’s just it might need some time to tidy up a bit before visiting.

Tom's 2 II KitchenThe Nominees are…

My first nominee is my personal favorite Tom’s 2 in Hicksville.  This is in the same shopping center as Wickers on Old Country Road and Route 106. They are usually a quick delivery of very good Chinese food with a lunch special that includes soup, egg roll or soda for $5.95.  A nice variety and pretty consistent.  A personal recommendation is the beef with Chinese Vegetables (spicy).  I get it with the wonton soup.  The portion size is pretty big too so if you aren’t too crazy hungry, you may have enough to take home later or save for another day.

And the Winner is…

You!  With our suggestions and other readers suggestions, you’ll have a plethora of candidates to choose from, and we will tell you what separates the best from the rest!

How about your suggestions?

Chow for now!

Mee Gonzi Biao

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