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The Potential Benefits of Instant Replay in Professional Questing

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Instant Replay

In my opinion, professional sports have benefited by the use of instant replay where there is a question as to whether initial findings on the field may be contradicted.   Unfortunately, on-table cameras to capture the gastronomic play-by-play during our Quests do not yet exist so we have to rely on the memories of all to determine if an error has been committed.

I would like to throw that yellow flag on to the field to see if, perhaps, the initial ruling on the field, uh table,  may have been compromised.    Let’s go to the replay booth…..

I do indeed believe that Foo Kee Seafood Restaurant was a very good meal.  In my humble opinion, it was good but not great.  Funny how the scores given to the restaurant have escalated it to the second favorite overall?  Hmmmm, Mee thinks there are other factors at play here.

I have learned over the years that while numbers do not lie,  statistics can be used to lie.  I have to give credit to Darrel Huff in his book “How to Lie with Statistics” where examples of misuse in statistics can come about by simple bias introduced inadvertently.  So, where is the smoking gun in this case? HMMM???

But of course Watson.. the culprit is obviously THE WINE!  (cue the music, Sherlock Holmes enters carrying 5 empty wine bottles).

HOLMES:  Yes, Watson, it is through sheer deduction that we encounter the real story in this case.  What was previously only understood as being a simple wine bottle,turned into two then three and so on and so on.   These empty vessels quickly turned our sextet to an array of inebriated fellows whose real opinions about the food were artificially enhanced by the perfect pairing by a professional wine authority.  It is only from the introduction of these well tailored pairings that our heroes judgements may have become clouded with a euphoria hence clouding their best judgement when scores were posted.  Submitted for your ultimate adjudication, the Demon Drink!  (cue the final music, roll credits, fade to black).

In order to properly judge all of the restaurants on an even platform, either we have to now re-visit each one previously visited and bring a proper assortment of wines to match the food (sorry Mee Har Vee but we all need to sacrifice on this one, so start bulking up on inventory) or this meal should be labeled with an asterisk noting that due to “performance enhancing substances” the results may be biased.

Respectfully submitted,


Chow for Now!

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