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Another MEE’s Opinion

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Counter Point

I would  like to add a personal commentary to my Brother Magnum’s very eloquent description of our most recent Quest to Kwong Ming in Wantagh.  While I am often described as the “silent” Mee, there is sometimes a need to speak up so that a balanced commentary is achieved. Yes, Kwong Ming is not going to go down in history as the BEST Long Island has to offer.

It was my first time there and I really don’t see myself heading back in the near future. BUT, I really don’t think I could categorize it as the worst either.  Prior to our journey to Kwong Ming, those who were aware of our impending Quest rallied about their praise of Kwong Ming and the dishes that we would receive.   I was very excited about going there based upon that alone.  And, you know what?  I could see why many like it.

I am not comfortable trying to dismantle a neighborhood staple which has obviously served its community for many years. If it was really that bad, they would have gone out of business long before we walked in.    Like the comfort you achieve from a favorite watering hole, it is great to go somewhere nearby that you can get standard Chinese fare on any night of the week and feel that you belong.

I will not become a Chinese Food Snob that says “It’s either the greatest or it’s dirt”.  The Quest goal is to cross the country (or local communities if that is all the funds we can muster for now) to locate the best in Chinese restaurants.  We forget that the best may be more than what we put in our stomachs.  It may be the feeling you get that you can get pretty good food, pretty close to home,  for not a lot of money.  There is room for a middle-of-the-road place and that is good.   That is why we rate our meals on several factors.  Unfortunately, those factors can be skewed based solely on overemphasizing one factor when compared to other restaurants we have traveled to.

The food at Kwong Ming was”eh”, i.e. not my favorite.  But having had much worse, I could be comfortable there if I lived closer. So, in closing, Kwong Ming, not great, but ok.

Humbly submitted for your approval.

Mee Gonzi Biao


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  1. In the ’70’s, Newsday published a glowing review of Kwong Ming one Friday. Two days later the Long Island edition of The New York Times gave this very same restaurant a poor rating. Shortly after, the
    Newsday critic’s reviews were discontinued. I have returned to this venerable old lady of Long Island Chinese food and found it welcoming. The fried noodles are crisp, not old and soggy as many versions on LI. The shrimp with lobster is superior to many versions. Shrimp were numerous, perfectly cooked and fresh. The lobster sauce continued bits of pork for flavor plus other vegetables. The one bad dish was the chicken chow mein which is served in a strange brown sauce which appeared to be soy sauce without the flavor. I am a Flushing foodie but I enjoyed Kwong Ming for its place in the annals of Long Island Chinese food.

  2. Oh my dear brother. You, as the older and wiser of the clan, do speak the truth. I am truly humbled by your comments and I do appreciate being counseled as you have. My only comment is, we, as the patrons, did entrust the ordering experience to the host and we may have been led astray by his guidance. But, they did not insist we follow their guidance and we were free to be more like a stereotype and look for a “bargain”. I, for one, have learned and will try to take more control of my eating experience rather than relying on those whose motivation may be more economical than gastronomical.
    Thank you again.
    Mee Gonzi Biao

    • Dear Brother,

      Life is full of adventures and Quests… And the road less travelled to our bellies, and through our wallets, is a road filled with interesting twists and turns as we navigate through the intestines of our minds.

      I am blessed that I have such honorable brothers to share lifes great adventures with.

      I look forward to reading more of your insightful, poignant, and profound perspectives and opinions.

      Keep your mind open, and your chopsticks clean.

      Respectfully yours,
      Mee Magnum

  3. My brother, I totally respect your opinion, and I’m so glad that you decided to air your voice, and I hope that this is just the beginning, and you’ll continue to share your thoughts and perceptions.

    My only rebuttal is that, our meal last night, was not expected to be “standard” fare based on the price that we paid. The Kwong Ming Tasting was priced at $26.99 per person. That’s more the price of a banquet, and I was expecting something a bit more special than what we received.

    The disappointment left the sour taste in my mouth.

    I’m sure for take-out food, it’s on par with other comparable restaurants. But, I was rating and reviewing based against the other Chinese restaurants that we have reviewed to date.

    Sincerely and Respectfully,
    Mee Magnum

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