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The Great Wall’s Super Secret Soup Menu

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The Wonton Soup Saga: Part II – Redemption (partial)

Before a year ends, I like to make amends for all the misdeeds that I have incurred upon others; or to pardon the transgressions that others may have done unto me.  So, let’s just chalk up The Wonton Soup Saga to a misunderstanding.  Shall we say, a loss in translation?

When is a Wonton Soup NOT a Wonton Soup?

When it’s Cantonese Roast Pork & Shrimp Dumping with Noodle Soup soup!  And why couldn’t one find this “Special Wonton Soup” on the menu?  Because it’s NOT on the menu!  One has to specifically ask for the Super Secret Soup Menu (pictured below on the right).

Great Wall Roast Pork Shrimp Dumpling Noodle Soup..Great Wall Chiinese Restaurant Super Secret Soup Menu

Now why this menu has to be a super secret is beyond me.  If anyone knows the answer, please let me know!

So anyways, before the year was out, my co-worker led me back to the Great Wall Chinese Restaurant; said the magic words, and lo and behold, out of nowhere comes this Super Secret Soup menu.  I’m shocked, to be honest, that he didn’t have to put on the cone of silence to order this, lest anyone overhear and the secret of the Super Secret Soup Menu would be in the public domain.


Apparently the soup that we were to have (remember now it was supposed to be “Wonton Soup“, but apparently that was just a code word), N05 on the Super Secret Soup Menu, Cantonese Roast Pork & Shrimp Dumplings with Noodle Soup comes with your choice of Cantonese Style Noodles, and noodle of choice is supposed to be Udon (Japanese Noodle), but they SHOCKINGLY were out of Udon Noodles.  So we had to settle for Chow Fun (Flat Soft Noodle) noodles.

Great Wall Roast Pork Shrimp Dumpling Noodle Soup..Cone of Silence

The Taste Test and Verdict:

True, it wasn’t Wonton Soup, but for a meal it was quite good!  Soup broth is served in a separate container and added to the bowl of Cantonese Roast Pork, Shrimp Dumplings, and Noodles.  If the broth tasted like the broth they used in the Wonton Soup I was served last time it would have been MUCH better than the plain broth that came with this soup (perhaps that’s on a separate Super Secret Broth Menu).  The noodles themselves were lifeless.  The Udon Noodles probably would have been better.  The shrimp dumplings were very very good, and roast pork was quite delicious as well.

The Wonton Soup Saga isn’t over.  Or is it?  Or, has it just begun?  Perhaps a Quest has been spawned to find the best Wonton Soup on Long Island and New York City.  And I’m throwing down the gauntlet and saying that the House Special Wonton Soup at The Orient in Bethpage, NY is the Wonton Soup to beat!  Which Chinese restaurant would like to throw their ladle in to the ring in an attempt to become the Wonton Soup King of Long Island?  Anyone??

Nominations are now open!!

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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