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New World Mall Food Court, Flushing, NY

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New World Mall is Old World

Never ventured, never tried.  The Mee’s will definitely have to come back and conquer the New World Mall Food Court in Flushing.  Except for the neon it could have been an alleyway somewhere in China.  Except for the fact that there was no Sbarro’s, it could have been a food court in any mall.  It was the best of both worlds.  It could have been the best of times.  And, it will be, when all the Mee’s go next time.

New World Mall Food Court EscalatorDescending down the escalator one enters a whole ‘nother world.   A world of veritable treats, surprises, scents, aromas, flavors, colors, meats, vegetables, deserts.  A cornucopia of options awaits those willing to try.

We could have used an Asian guide to help us navigate the different choices and options.  We were frankly overwhelmed, and slightly scared as hell, to try some of the dishes.  There were hot pots to make your own dinners, and woks to warm at your table.   Sections of the food court were reserved for the hot pots (where you would put your hot pot and underneath it it would heat up your food — $10 deposit on the pot).  Or, big giant woks where you could also mix and match to your hearts content.

New World Mall Food CourtWhatever direction you turned, no matter which way you went there were choices, choices, and more choices!

We took the easy way out.  We followed a recommendation to try the Dumplings.  Now we were told it was a dozen for $3.  Umm, it was a little more, and we “only” got eight.  Perhaps that was a lunch time special.  I don’t know.  I do know we watched as they were freshly rolled and told it would be “Five Minutes”.  Ok, it was actually closer to 10.  Of course!  We got the pork, shrimp, and vegetable dumplings.  There were many other choices.  You could also get them frozen to take home and eat when your stomach demanded.

New World Mall Food CourtThere were so many other foods that looked good… and a lotus root, that we first discovered at The Orient, in Bethpage, that was humongous.   Mee, err, we will all definitely have to go back there soon and we will write a full review of all the shops and dishes we eat at and try.

For now, if you’re in Flushing, and you don’t know what to eat, you’ll definitely find something at the New World Mall Food Court.

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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