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Happy Independence Day Chinese Style!

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Happy Independence Day – Chinese Style!

Independence Day Fortune CookiesToday we celebrate our freedom!  Our freedom of choice.  Our freedom to choose.  And we say when choosing, you should choose only the best Chinese food there is.  It’s Independence Day!  While not a Jewish holiday, I still say forego the BBQ, especially since we’re under hurricane advisory today, and go to your nearest or your favorite Chinese restaurant!

If you don’t have a favorite Chinese restaurant to go to (you should a) subscribe to this blog, and b) why ARE you reading this blog?), we can offer you a plethora of The Chinese Quest approved Chinese restaurants.  If  you do have a favorite Chinese restaurant, and it’s one that we haven’t reviewed yet, please let us know!  Post a comment.  Send us an e-mail.  Contact Us!

No matter where you live, we have a Chinese restaurant for you to go to.  Check out our Reviews.  They’re ordered by County (Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Queens.  We don’t have a good sample yet for Brooklyn (Kings County), or Manhattan.  Yet!)

Or, if you’re location agnostic, then go straight to our Official Chinese Quest Rankings of Chinese Restaurants, and choose one near that top of the list.

Star of David American FlagNo matter where  you go, or what you do today, just remember, and be grateful, that you have the Freedom of Choice to do what you want to do, and go where you want to go.  Thank you dear forefathers for your vision, your tenacity, and your will to make our great country free and great.   And thank you for visualizing, and building, a Chinese restaurant on every corner in every town of your great land.

Leave it up to The Chinese Quest to be your guide to find the best Chinese Restaurant in all of Long Island, and New York City.  Who knows, perhaps one day soon, we will be your guide to finding the best Chinese restaurant in these great United States of America.

Humbly submitted for your approval,

Mee Magnum (“Chop!  Chop!”)


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