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[POLL] The Chinese Quest Set to Invade Chinatown!

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Chinatown Bound

The Chinese Quest is coming… coming to Chinatown this month for their very first time!

Mee’s can’t wait.  But, which Chinese restaurant should they try?  So many to choose from.  One chance (at least this time) to get it right.

Which Chinese restaurant is worthy?  Which is the best?  We’ve gotten a few suggestions already.  Can you help us decide?  There’s even room to add your own choices.  And there’s always the comments to add, umm, your comments.

So what are you waiting for, an invitation or something?   Cast your vote.  Give us your opinion.  Now!




[polldaddy poll=”7769948″]



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  1. Peking Duck House is another that should be reviewed IMHO

  2. Ah so! Mee figured out how to add the "other" restaurants to the poll so that not only are they viewable, but others can vote on them too. Even though it looks like a double count on Wo Hop, we'll figure it out!

  3. Would the people that voted for "Other" please identify the Chinese Restaurants that they suggest??

  4. Wait!!!!

    What are the names of the Chinese restaurants that fell in to the “Other” category? How are we going to to go to “Other”??

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