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Valentine’s Day Planning from The Chinese Quest

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Love Me Do

Can’t think of where to take your loved one next Friday for Valentine’s Day?  Tired of the same old same old?  Every year it’s the same… Overpriced roses… Overpriced dinner, in a overcrowded restaurant where they jack up the prices and create an artificial aura of romance.


Time to show her that you really love her.  Give her the best present.  A meal fit for the Queen that she is (Hey, she puts up with your stuff 364 days out of the year… give her what she really wants!  Your attention (there’s no more football).  And a shining example of your thoughtfulness and creativity (courtesy, of course, of The Chinese Quest! )

And these suggestions are golden… heck, if you’re like most men you probably haven’t even started to plan or make reservations.  So, have we got a plan for you!  And you don’t even have to worry about getting a reservation (Heck, they probably don’t even take reservations!)

Show her just how much you truly love her by taking her out for dinner at one of the following Top Three Chinese Quest approved Chinese restaurants:

  1. Joe’s Shanghai – Joe’s is located in Flushing, NY and was not only our first Quest outside of Long Island, but it immediately shot to the top of our Top 10 list.  Joe’s has a few restaurants in the NYC as well, so if you’re not near Flushing, you can go to their Chinatown restaurant.  To read more, check out our Review.
  2. Pearl East – Located in Manhasset on the Gold Coast of Nassau County, a fancier Chinese restaurant you won’t find.  It’s by far the nicest looking Chinese restaurant that we’ve reviewed.  Your surroundings, and your meal will be a treasure, and pleasure to your eyes.  And the food is pretty darned good too.  To read more, check out our Review.
  3. Spicy & Tasty – Located in Flushing, NY.  If it’s spice food  you crave, you’ll want to go to one of the best Szechuan style Chinese restaurants we’ve ever had the pleasure of dining in.  Fair warning:  The food is hot hot hot.  But so is your wife wife wife (or girlfriend…), right?  And as the name of the Chinese restaurant it say, it’s not only spicy, it’s also tasty (The couldn’t call themselves that if it weren’t true.  Right?  But, you have The Chinese Quest to authenticate that claim).  The food is so hot, that by the end of the night, your date will be so inflamed, that we bet she can’t wait to just rip off her clot… err… never mind… this is a family blog.  But, you get the idea!  We hope!!! 😉 )  To read more about Spicy & Tasty, pleas read our entire Review.


jewish_valentines_card_candy_hearts-p137285955891356699en8ck_3251-e1359293731236Bonus pick if you’re Jewish (Valentine’s Day does fall on Shabbot this year) and keep Kosher:   Cho-Sen Island – Located in Lawerence, NY in the heart of the area in southwest Nassau County that’s referred to as the Five Towns.  Hashem truly blessed our Quest when we dined there a few months ago.  The food was good… AND Kosher.  Who knew?  So nu?  If you want to keep the faith, Cho-Sen Island is your place.  And tell them The Chinese Quest sent you.  You might get a discount!  (Not guaranteed to be successful.  But,  then again, there are no guarantees in life… the only thing you can count on are our reviews of Chinese restaurants!).  To read out complete review of Cho-Sen Island, click here.

And if none of these catch your fancy, or are in your geographical domain, you can always check out all of our Reviews, and Rankings.

So there you have it.  Start your Valentine’s Day off right with a good meal.  The rest, we leave up to you!!

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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