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September Morn – School’s Open – Labor’s Day

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Not Just Another Day

September has dawned; a new day is born; Fall is around the corner, and it starts me reminiscing (thankfully, not singing!  THAT occurs in December.  Fair warning!)

We’ve stretched our wings and soared over the Long Island border in to Queens.  Our reviewers now know no bounds.  The g-d forbid we have to cross water.  We’ll draw the line there.  Someone once warned us about drinking the water.  So, I’m assuming that crossing it would take an act of biblical proportions.

Just a reminder too, I twitted about it over the weekend, but there are some of you who might have gone away for the weekend, and didn’t catch it.  So, it bears repeating.  School’s are starting to open all over Long Island.  Please do NOT eat Chinese food and drive at the same time.  Seems obvious.  But, so does the warning not to go in to the water less than half an hour after eating.  Hmm… there’s yet another warning about water!

Today was Labor’s Day.  Thank you Mom’s!

Tomorrow for Mee, my son goes back to school.  Applebee’s was offering free meals for kids all day.  Again, I assume, as a thank you to all Mom’s.

Until I learned of this special, I was considering where to go for dinner.  But, it’s not Christmas, and there’s no other really strong family tradition.  So, I opted for FREE.  Jew rule.  This is a great opportunity I would think for the Chinese to go after.  They cherish their children, their children’s education, their parents and ancestors, their customers (or anyone who will pay), why not do what Applebee’s did today?

All they need is a good slogan to capture the market.  Which of course got me thinking.  By the way, if this catches on, I want royalties.  You read it here first.  I’ve got it in writing!  (OMG, that’s a really bad pun).  So, here’s the slogan I’m proposing:  “Chinese Food;  It’s doesn’t have to be Christmas to love it”.

It’s a little bit of a take off on this old print ad:



Just remember, you read it here first.  Perhaps this is the dawn on a new career!

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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