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Next Year in Jerusalem, but First a Stop at Joe’s Shanghai!

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The Promised Land!

After two very dissappointing restaurants (Kwong Ming & The Orchid), we decided to venture to a place with a very solid reputation. It’s not exactly in Nassau/Suffolk, but nevertheless its still on the “Island of Long”. Joe’s Shanghai is located at 136-21 37th Ave. in Flushing.

Well, lets just say:

The Christians have their Vatican,

The Muslims have their Mecca,

The Jews have their Jerusalem, but I suggest stopping at Joe’s Shanghai on the way!!

This place was so incredible, that I cannot stop day dreaming about the food.

For starters, we had the Soup Dumplings, which is their signature dish. One order was pork, and the other was crab. The dumplings were so tasty! Served piping hot, there is a correct way to eat them without burning the roof of your mouth. There is even a very clever video on YouTube explaining the right way to eat soup dumplings. The Scallion Pancakes were just fair, the only subpar dish of the evening.

We got great help from our waiter, Jonathan. His choices for dinner were spot on.

Our entrees included:

Braised Pork Shoulder-The sauce was so delicious, the meat fell off the bone. It did have alot of fat, but lets face facts, that is the tastiest part

Soft Shell Crab served in a sweet & spicy sauce-The sauce really made this dish work

Chicken in Hoisen Sauce- pieces of white meat chicken served off the bone; a classic dish that can be found at most Chinese restaurants, but JS still made it the best!

Scallops and Prawns in Garlic Sauce– another classic Chinese dish that was cooked to perfection

Lobster Fried Rice Cakes– consisted of small pieces of lobster in the shell with what looked like tubular gnocchi in a brown sauce.

The vegetable served was Water Spinach in White Bean Sauce. The Chinese have a very special way of preparing vegetables. Often you will find vegetables that you have never seen before, and cooked very differently.

Joe’s Shanghai strikes me as a very authentic Chinese restaurant with a really good flair for preparing the very best sauces.

Dessert consisted of Mini Buns in a sweet white sauce. Half the buns were steamed, and the other half were fried. The sauce tasted like a zabaglione sauce that you would get from an Italian restaurant. A very nice ending.

Once again, the Mees had alot of laughs and a superb meal. What is better in life than a great meal shared with good friends! A special thanks to Mee V Stoogas for driving, although my Jonbossis did flare up from being cramped up in the backseat.

Good bye for Now,

Mee Tsu Yan



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  1. This was THE Promised land that they promised us, wasn’t it?

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