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So Many Holidays; So Many Choices!

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We’re in the midst of all these Jewish holidays… seemingly one right after the other.  What’s a good Jew to do?  Thankfully we’ve got a lot of reviews and rankings for you to peruse to help you decide which Chinese restaurant to go to!


Ok, perhaps it’s just my family tradition, and I’m not typical of all Jews, in that we always went out for Chinese food on Jewish holidays.  Call it blasphemy if you like, but I like traditions.  Jews love traditions.  And this was our tradition!


Perhaps it’s how I got involved in the Chinese Quest to begin with.  Or how I got invited to partake in the Quest as it was my fellow brothers, Tsu Yan, and V. Stoogas who formed the genesis (how Old Testament!) of the Quest.

So, with all these holidays upon us, there’s plenty of restaurants you can go to (or, then again, you could go to Shul… please say a prayer for me!).  Perhaps a different one for each holiday!  Ah Traditions!

And, if you don’t think we’ve reviewed enough restaurants to fill your belly, rest assured that there’s more on the way.  And, if you’d like to suggest other restaurants for us to try, please feel free to post a comment to this thread, or by clicking on “Contact Us” on the menu bars and let us know your suggestions.

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