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Ancient Chinese Invention – Paper Money

Ancient Chinese Invention Paper Money

In an earlier article, we discussed the ancient Chinese invention of paper.  Once there was paper, and printing, what’s the best way to make the most of those inventions?  What would make it more valuable?  Heck, make it MONEY!   Paper Money.  Here’s the history of the ancient Chinese invention of paper money. A Fractured Fairy Tale Before there were credit ...

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Chinese Restaurants ARE Mind Readers!

Mind Reader

Yes, Chinese restaurants are mind readers!  AND, I CAN prove it!  Right now, call up your Chinese restaurant (assuming that they’re still open), and place an order for delivery.  And I BET you it will arrive not in 45 minutes… heck, not even in 10 minutes.  BUT, it will arrive BEFORE you make the call! Mind Readers How did they ...

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Jewish Jokes and Wine

Jewish Wine Jokes

Couple Jewish humor with wine, and you're sure to plotz! Here are some of my favorite Jewish Wine Jokes. Manischewitz. Seriously?!! Haha! Read more!

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A Culinary History of Jews in America

Culinary history of Jews in America

From our friend Seth Front who brought you the Jewish Zodiac, we present his culinary history of Jews in America with this very entertaining video and story. Join comedian and Jewish Zodiac® creator Seth Front for a humorous and educational multimedia history of the delicatessen across four generations of Jews in America, from 1880 to the present. Discover the real story behind your favorite ...

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The Chinese American Experience


Chinese American Great Food / Great Location What would the landscape of America look like if there weren’t a CVS, Walgreen’s, McDonald’s, or Chinese restaurant seemingly on every corner?  Throw in some immigrating Jews, and it’s all about supply and demand.  The perfect marriage of Chinese, American, and Jews, come all together to make the perfect union and market for ...

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