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A Very Spicy (Jewish) Christmas

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Take a Wok on the wild and Spicy side this Christmas.  If you’re Jewish.  If you’re Jewish, you are going to the movies and then out for Chinese Food.  The Chinese Quest is right there with you with some top-notch recommendations to make this Christmas the best Christmas ever.  And if you want to make it the spiciest Christmas ever, you’re palate is going to crave Szechuan cuisine.

First, let’s go to the movies with the Chinese Quest.  Since I’ve only been to the movies once in the last few years, but thankfully recently, I have a great movie recommendation for you.  Ford v Ferrari.  Loved it!  It’s not just a guy movie.  True, there’s lots of action.  There’s also a love story intertwined in the plot.  In fact, there’s only one thing I felt was missing in the movie.  Chinese food.  Not once did they eat Chinese food.  Why?  I think I know why.  Back in 1966, there was no Chinese Quest.  So, they had no idea where the best Chinese restaurants were.  Luckily you do!  Aren’t you lucky?  Don’t you feel blessed now?

All this talk about food is making me hungry.  Presented now for your consideration is our ranking of…

The 5 Best Szechuan Chinese Restaurants on Long Island and Queens

#5 – Chef Wang in New Hyde Park

Chef-Wang-New-Hyde-ParkPromising Authentic Chinese cuisine, the Chef delivered on his promise.  Chef Wang has three extremely popular Chinese restaurants in Manhattan. This is his first venture to Long Island.  While Chef Wang wasn’t present this evening, clearly his staff has been well trained, and his Chef’s are upholding his “Legend”.  Chef Wang in New Hyde Park has now been open for a few years and is as popular as ever.  You can never go wrong dining here.

#4 – Joe’s Shanghai in Flushing

Joe's Shanghai in Manhattan New York CitySome people think of Joe’s as a Tourist trap, the place that one must go to, and they feel it’s overrated.  We disagree.  One of the first goldmines that we discovered on our Quest, this was a real authentic Chinese restaurant. The kind we’ve been looking for. No sugars and sweeteners to go with the tea. No fried noodles to munch on. No spare ribs on the menu. Joe’s Shanghai has a few different locations, including one in Chinatown, one in midtown, as well as in China and even Japan. But, it all started at this very location in Flushing, NY.  If you go, of course, you must order the Soup Dumplings, but in our humble opinion, no matter what you order after that will be fantastic too!

#3 – New Fu Run in Great Neck

New-Fu-Run-Great-Neck-OpenIt’s been a few years now since their Grand Opening and the restaurant has surely caught on as it attracts more and more diners who appreciate fine Chinese food to try their cuisine from the Dong Bei Province of China.  Different than their sister restaurant in Flushing, Fu Run Dong Bei, New Fu Run is tastefully decorated and fits right in on the upscale Gold Coast befitting the Gatsby’s and occasionally The Chinese Quest. 

We’ve been back to New Fu Run many many times, and it never disappoints.  Once a year, owner Tina Zhang travels to China and always comes back with some new and fresh recipes to add to their menu.  She recently returned, so it’s time to go back.  Christmas Day might be a good day to do just that.

#2 – Legend of Taste in Whitestone

Legend-of-Taste-Chinese-RestaurantDaring to go where no other authentic Chinese restaurant has gone before, “Legend of Taste” is located not in Flushing. Not in Little Neck. No. They ventured to be different and opened in the quiet Queens suburb of Whitestone. Why? Perhaps to separate themselves from the over-abundance of choices in those other towns. And also to differentiate themselves from all the other dining choices in Whitestone. After our visit, “Legend of Taste” will be a secret no more. Sorry, Whitestone!

And, our top recommendation (surprisingly?) is…

#1 – F-A-N Chinese Restaurant in Deer Park

F-A-N-Chinese-RestaurantThis Chinese restaurant has been confirmed to be open on Christmas Day.  Opened about a year ago, F-A-N Chinese Restaurant specializes in authentic Szechuan cuisine. The space is small, nicely decorated, and the English speaking waitstaff is friendly and helpful. The night we were there had a nice mix of Chinese and Caucasian customers.  And it smashed its way into the Top 5 of our Rankings of all Chinese restaurants on Long Island and New York City!

We have recommended F-A-N Chinese restaurant to many friends and every single one of them loves it! 


Please note, we have not verified that all of these Chinese restaurants are in fact open on Christmas Day, so please call now to confirm, and to make a reservation!  If not, you can always try them another day.

Then please let us know in the comments below if you tried once of our recommendations, or went to a different Chinese restaurant.

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum (“Chop!  Chop!”)

P.S.  If spice isn’t nice to your tummy, check out our Top 5 Cantonese Chinese restaurants.

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  1. And none on YOUR list are kosher. How ridiculous. There are three vegetarian kosher Chinese restaurants: two in Queens, one in Great Neck, and a kosher Chinese non-veggie restaurant in West Hempstead. Where am I going?

    • Check out the article “A very mellow (mild) Christmas” and I give a special shoutout to Cho-Sen Island in Lawrence.

      I haven’t found any Kosher Chinese restaurants that serve Szechuan-style Chinese food. Have you? If you have, please share!!

  2. Uncut Gems & Pearl East!❤️??

  3. Thanks! I’ve heard that F*A*N was really good! Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas!

  4. Tina Zhang, I saw that you were mentioned in this article.

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