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3 Most Expensive Chinese Dishes

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Description: Chinese food comprises of at least two components: carbohydrates and accompanying dishes of meat, vegetables, and others. The features of most China food include; diverse colors, aromatic flavors and tastes good (hot, sweet, bitter, sour and salty). Why are some dishes so much more expensive than others?  And, why do people order them?


People in Chinatown London and many other places in the world like extravagances. They can pay so much money for just a single chicken Chinese style meal, a meal that at times might not satisfy them. We also have foods that cost high because they are not easy to find, we all know that if the demand is high, the price will also become high. And most of the foods that cost high need more labor and resources to produce. In this article, we are going to talk about the most costly Chinese food.

3 Most Expensive Chinese Dishes

Bird’s Nest


On average, this dish is sold for 2,500 dollars per kilogram at Chinese restaurants. The nest gets collected a lot since people believe that it contains highly nutritive benefits which assist in:

  • Improving digestion process
  • Increasing libido
  • Improving awareness
  • General boosting of the immune system

We can’t tell if those claims are true but those nests have been eaten for a period of more than four hundred years now.

The enhancement came as a result of the stimulation of the activities of the body and hormones which require being strong for prime reproduction. Additional tests are needed to further prove the studies.

The major traditional advantage brought by this Chinese food is assisting reproductive wellness.

It is also alkaline in nature and has epidermal development factors. This assists in promoting the growth of cells. Also, studies to identify markers for anti-cancer units are ongoing. Up to date, people in China believe that nest soup aids in the treatment of TB, asthma, dry coughing and any weakness brought about by bronchial ailments.

And traditionally, the soup is used in nourishing important body organs such as the kidney, lungs, stomach, and heart. The soup is also believed to possess tone capabilities that improve the complexion of people’s skin and lowers the process of aging. The improvement is due to the stimulation of body activities and hormones which require being strong for perfect reproduction. Additional experiments are needed to prove those claims also.

Braised Whole Abalone


This is the mollusk that hangs on rocks and eats seaweed. On a Chinese menu, it is put under the same group with Shark Fin Soup, Bird’s Nest, and Ginseng as the highly liked and most costly foods. The high cost of such Chinese dishes makes them status icons meant for festivals and parties like the opening of Willkommensbonus Ohne Einzahlung.

Abalone tastes the same as scallops which are tenderized before it is cooked.

How it this Chinese meal is prepared:

The classic way of preparing abalone Chinese food entails breading and frying. However, it tastes best when cooked as sushi or sashimi, stir-fried, grilled or when balanced in a soup.

People believe that this Chinese meal assists in preventing and treating illnesses such as arthritis. They also believe that the food makes eyes healthy, prevents colds, minimizes the retention of fluid and enhances the circulation of blood.

Shark Fin Soup


This is a common soup in every Chinese chef’s cooking style. Shark fins offer texture and the taste is gotten from the ingredients for making the soup.

Normally, it is served by the best Chinese restaurants during special events like weddings. It is also served as a luxurious food in Chinese culture.

Eating this Chinese food has become a way of celebrating special occasions in China. This Chinese food is also believed to help in improving health.

As per the Chinese health publication, the health benefits of Shark Fin Soup include:

  • Rejuvenating the skin
  • Increasing appetite
  • Improving body organs such as bones, lungs, and kidney
  • Good for energy

We assume that those health benefits are believed to be gotten from this Chinese food because sharks possess powerful resistance to infections and immunity against diseases like cancer.


Those are the most expensive foods you will find when you visit China. Have you tested any of them? Do you think they match their price tag? Post a Comment below. Write to us. Also, feel free to ask us any questions if you need more information about Chinese food recipes or any of the Chinese food we have talked about here.

Author bio

Thomas Glare is a Chinese resident who is also a chef in the Book of Ra Sushi restaurant. The foods talked about here are the most expensive ones in every Chinese restaurant. He also believes that they can benefit people’s health has claimed. Besides writing, he likes giving talks about living a healthy life.

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