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GUNG HAY FAT CHOY! The Year of the Pig!

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Gung Hay Fat Choy!  Happy Chinese New Year!!  2019 is the Year of the Pig.  This article is an update to the July 2014 article.

Chinese Zodiac Pig Traits and Personality

Pig’s mantra is, “I live to serve.”

You will not find a more selfless soul on the planet earth.

The kindness of those born in The Year of the Pig knows no bounds even when they’re hurt or disillusioned.

This Chinese Zodiac Animal is dauntless in whatever efforts they begin. You will never find them weak or fearful, but even so they stick to making peace wherever and whenever possible.

Pig is also a very social creature – if they have a mud puddle, they want to share it with the whole neighborhood – the more diverse group the better. And people will come because they know the Pig can be trusted and makes an ideal friend.

The main caution with the Chinese Zodiac Pig personality is the temptation to become consumed with life’s pleasures.

The Pig easily loses sight of other things and as a pure soul can be easily manipulated. And while not prone to getting angry for long, a major Pig personality trait is that they become fierce when people overstep defined boundaries.

Positive keynotes for Pig include honesty, honor, courtesy, tolerance and kindness. Pig does not make friends quickly but once that relationship’s forged they’re very devoted and considerate. They don’t give up on friends when problems arise.

Chinese Zodiac Pig Compatibility

In relationship a Pig is very physical and affectionate. They give their heart fully and show their emotions openly, including heartache. These people don’t like deception so they put it all on the table with clarity. The best companions in the Chinese Zodiac for Pig are Chinese Rabbit and Chinese Sheep.

Chinese Zodiac Pig Children

As children Pigs constantly rescue their companions. They have trouble seeing people’s weaknesses and mistakes, so parents have to guide them carefully from potential users and abusers. This child is happy and playful, and not overly concerned with life’s small stuff.

Metaphysical Associations

The Chinese Pig’s metaphysical correspondences in this astrological system include the Color Purple, the Direction of North and Number 5 in Numerology.

Chinese Zodiac Posts supplied by The Chinese Quest Groupie – Lucky Mee (Bernadette King of BuildingBeautifulSouls.com) .

Learn more about the Chinese Zodiac Pig Traits & Personality.

Delve into the symbolism and meanings of the Color Purple, the Direction of North and Number 5 in Numerology.

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