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Chinese Cuisine Story

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Chinese cuisine is part of the most ancient culture, the Great Civilization, which is as old as all of humanity! It has preserved the flavor and traditions of the ancestors who lived five thousand years ago on the banks of the Yellow River, and now you can try delicacies in the Chinese restaurant, which the nobles of a particular dynasty had for breakfast.

In China, food is the most important ritual, a sacred act, on the one hand, on cooking, and on the other, on proper consumption. Do you know how they greet people from time immemorial in Beijing? They refer to each other with the phrase: “Neither chi fan le ma?” Which means, “Have you already eaten?” On the other hand, there is an ancient aphorism about a person who has lost income or work: he broke his cup with rice.


Different geographical areas of China – the provinces – for various historical and climatic reasons have very different cuisines. The most delicious and good all over the world are five cuisines of China:

  • Cantonese cuisine is rich in fresh ingredients and is famous for the variety of dishes with a “fantasy” in the design and preparation.
  • Sichuan cuisine is notable for a large number of spices, including, where they cook meat and vegetables with red capsicum; in the menu of the restaurant “Bruce Lee” you can order delicacies according to Sichuan recipes.
  • Fujian cuisine, known for “heavenly” soups.
  • Shandong cuisine, in which a lot of crab delicacies and dishes, seasoned with plenty of garlic.
  • Hunan cuisine, with dishes of sweet and sour sauces, as well as the main ingredient – river fish in different processing.

A unique feature of Chinese cuisine is its symbolism and connection with the ancestors. It is a rule of thumb, for example, to prepare sweet Yuan Xiao – dumplings, large and white as the moon, for each full moon. On the day of birth, they make a long noodle, which is a symbol of longevity. Each season has special dishes  and ancient rituals of consumption of its own.

chinese-foodIn every province of China, there are many beautiful legends about dishes from rare seafood. Have you ever wondered how the Chinese had the idea to cook oysters or octopuses? However, culinary myths tell us that these are the spirits of nature, in the image of the grey-bearded elders, revealed to the poor man the culinary secrets of the sea, which saved him from starvation, and then made him rich. There are legends about the sources in the mountains, which for good people turned into rivers of wine, as well as stories about magician chefs who knew the magical dishes that gave the soldiers strength, brides beauty, healing the weak and sick.

Chinese cuisine is magical and not like ours. It is unique. Everyone treats it in a different way, but one of the most creative and ancient civilizations of the world have grown on this delicious and useful food! Taste its dishes, and perhaps you will feel the power of Bruce Lee!

About the author: Melisa Marzett who is currently working for Big Paper Writer – Custom Writing Services and goes to cooking courses. She is interested in Chinese cuisine in particular, which is why she was excited to drop a few lines about it to share her knowledge.

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