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Going Back to LN1380 Chinese Restaurant

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You always take a big risk whenever you dip in to the well a second time.  Oft times you are disappointed and the experience is not as good as the first time.  But, seeking out a place to celebrate something special, we did just that.   For sure you know when I celebrate, it has got to be at a Chinese restaurant!  And I’m happy to say, that our dining adventure at LN 1380 in Little Neck, NY gave us cause to celebrate again!

LN-1380-Chinese-Restaurant-InteriorLN 1380 is located at 251-03 Northern Boulevard, Little Neck, NY 11362.  The Chinese Quest reviewed this Chinese restaurant a few months ago shortly after they opened.  We rated LN 1380 with our highest ranking, “Excellent”.  Clearly, they are doing it right, and the patrons agree with us, as the restaurant was packed to the gills this evening!

There was a placard on our table that caught our eye.  One side featured “Cartoon Dim Sum”.  We totally have to come back to try some of those dishes.  They look so cute!!  And on the other side was this dish that cost $218!!  We couldn’t identify what it was.  Can you?  Needless to say, that was one dish that we didn’t try this evening!


Joining in the celebration this evening was Mee Wen Dee and Mini Mee, the Dumpling King.  Hoping to find dumplings on the menu for the King, the best we could find was a Deluxe Dim Sum Platter.  The platter included two each of Shrimp Dumplings, Pork Siu Mai, and Spring Rolls.  When it comes to Dumplings, Mini Mee can be pretty set in his ways.  This wasn’t his way.  But, we got to try them.  And, we liked them!

The Entrees

Mee Wen Dee’s eye caught Salted & Pepper Calamari.  We have had this dish before, and it’s always one of her favorites.  Tonight, she said, these were some of the best Salted and Pepper Calamari that she ever had.


I’m a meat and meat kind of Mee, so I wanted something meaty and yummy.  And when I spied, with the little eye, Peking Pork Chops on the menu, I knew that this was the dish for me.  Served up to perfection, they were yummy, not dry, and just sweet enough to please my sweet tooth!

This being a celebration, plain old ordinary rice just was not going to cut it.  Young Chow Fried Rice it had to be.  What we weren’t expecting was that the portion could have easily fed EIGHT people!  Oh my gosh!!  And for only $11.95, this dish could have been the deal of the century.  THIS, I think was the best Young Chow Fried Rice that I have ever, EVER, had!


When all was said and done, we brought home so much leftovers that we can easily make three more meals out of it.  The bill was incredibly reasonable.  That being said, there were some dishes on the menu that cost more than the total of our entire bill.  Not to mention that $218 dish.  Now, what IS that dish??

CantaloupeThe check came with some very ripe and sweet cantaloupe.  No fortune cookies.  But, I think I might have found mine elsewhere.

Thank you LN 1380 for making our celebration special!

We are also going to keep coming back until we figure out what the “1380” means in their name.  No one is telling us.  Apparently it’s a great secret.  And one that I must discover!

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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