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Is Great Neck Becoming the New Epicenter of The Chinese Quest?

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Could it really be happening?  Authentic Chinese restaurants opening left and right, East and West, in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island?  Could the Chinese Quest have been the impetus behind this Gold Rush?  Could Great Neck be coming the new Epicenter for Chinese food on Long Island?  

Follow along with my reasoning.  The Chinese Quest was originally formed to find THE best Chinese restaurant ON Long Island.  After a year or more, we had to morph the Quest to find the best Chinese Restaurant not only on Long Island, but also in New York City since we weren’t finding many great authentic Chinese restaurants on the Island.  We struck gold in Flushing.  Little Neck is gaining popularity.  But, did the seeds we sow in our quest give bloom to the new growth of authentic Chinese restaurants on Long Island?

New Chinese Restaurants Coming to Great Neck!

Every time I stroll through the streets of Great Neck, I keep finding all this new construction and renovation in formerly shuttered store fronts.  And with glee, I am seeing the signs announcing the following ventures, i.e. Chinese restaurants, soon to open!

New Fu Run to open at 50 Middle Neck Road.  I conferred with Fu Run’s owner Tina Zhang, and did confirm that the restaurant that is currently under construction on Middle Neck Road in Great Neck, New Fu Run, is in fact their restaurant.  Promising the same menu.  We promised Tina that we would be there for their Grand Opening.  Can’t wait!


Saaho Village to open at 69 Middle Neck Road.  Saaho Village will be a  new dining concept from Spencer Chan, well-known innovative chef of Asian cuisine.  Saaho Village will offer traditional, all-natural noodles, along with exciting new takes on selected Asian dishes.  The restaurant was expected to be open by now, but the signs on the door still say “Coming Soon!”


Royal Tea House to open at 1 Great Neck Road (at least I think it’s going to serve Chinese food.  The lettering on the sign is written in Chinese).  Ying Ling, the owner of the “Rose Tea House” in Flushing is planning on opening an authentic English Tea place in Great Neck.  Albert Chen, architect for the project, said while the concept will be the same as the Flushing location, the inside design of Royal Tea House will be different.  In the middle of the dining room, there is a column that Chen said he wants to make look like a tree, giving patrons the idea that they are sitting in a garden enjoying tea.  So, perhaps not a Chinese restaurant per se, but…


Ren Wen Noodle Factory to open at 7-9 Great Neck Road.  Hand made noodle restaurants are springing up in Stony Brook, and soon to be in Great Neck too!  Live Long Ye Noodle Revolution!


I hope you will join us at The Grand Openings of these new Chinese restaurants.  Of course, keep an eye on our Quest to be alerted to their progress and their Grand Opening Dates!

This truly is an exciting time in the rich history of Chinese food on Long Island, and I do believe that we are just at the beginning of ushering in a new era of fine, authentic, Chinese dining here on Long Island.

Please let us know of any new Chinese restaurants opening near you!

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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  1. Well done, guys! Seth Birdoff

  2. Not liking the big yellow sign in the center of town with Asian writing either, is this Great Neck Mayor for real ?? Sticks out like sore thumb

  3. Hope it’s kosher or they will fail

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