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The Last Supper

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You’ve just been sentenced.  Though you’ve committed no crime.  You worked hard all your life.  What for?  You ate well.  Perhaps too well.  You’ve had your fill of Chinese food.  But, you always knew that an hour later you would be hungry for more, but you could always have some more.  But, not this time.  There is no second chance.  You get one meal.  One final meal at the Last Chance Chinese Restaurant aka The Last Supper.  You know you better make it good.  


What are you going to order?  Of course, it’s going to be Chinese food!  You wouldn’t dream of having a slice of pizza, or kasha varnishkes, as your last meal now would you?  

The Menu for The Last Supper


General Tso’s Chicken


Sweet and Sour Chicken










Beef with Broccoli


Orange Beef


Sesame Chicken








Chow Mein


Peking Duck


Kung Pao Chicken







Yes, we know it’s hard decision to make.  But, this IS your LAST Supper.  So, what is it going to be?  You can only choose ONE item off our menu (poll) below.  Yes, you can write in your own choice.  But, you better justify with a comment!

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What we are trying to deduce is what is the MOST popular Chinese dish in the world?  (ok, perhaps the United States… but, voting is open to the world, so please share this poll with all your friends, and relatives, around the globe!  HINT:  There are links below to share this article with all of your favorite Social Networking websites… including e-mail (the world’s oldest social networking platform.  Ok, perhaps not the oldest.  Actually TALKING to your neighbors and PHYSICALLY getting together with friends and family… that was REALLY social. When Social was social).

P.S.  I wouldn’t put much faith in whatever is in your fortune cookie this time.

Humbly submitted for your approval,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if you guys reveiwed a chinese restaurant, we haven’t seen a new review in over 7 months. Try Glen Cove, Uncle Dai is garbage so see if you can come up with a good replacement.

  2. Any time I ever try a new take-out Chinese restaurant I always start with Beef with Broccoli. I use that as a barometer to see if I should eat there again. So if it’s good for my first meal, it’s got to be great for my last meal too!

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