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The Take-Out Take-Down FINALS

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YOU confirmed what the seeding committee ranked.  By popular demand, and majority votes through two elimination rounds, we are down to the final TWO choices that you have to make when you are oh so hungry.  You don’t want to leave home (’cause you probably want to watch that other tournament on TV), and you’ve got to have some… BLANK.

What is BLANK going to be.  I’m sure you have both these numbers stored as speed dials.  Which is first?  Which is second?  Who are  YOU going to call when you just gotta have it?

Will it be the #1 seed, Chinese food?  Or, will our Number 1 seed fall like three out of the other four #1 seeds in that other tournament, and will our #2 seed, Pizza, prevail?  

This is truly #MarchMadness!

Here is how Pizza and Chinese food advanced to the finals:


So, what’s it going to be?  You decide.  You tell us!

Will it be Pizza?

Pizza easily defeated Hot Dogs in their quarterfinal match-up, and then ate up Hamburgers in the semifinals.  Pizza has definitely proven it can stay the course.  Pizza parlors are nearly as ubiquitous as Chinese restaurants.  There are chains, and their are Mama and Papa pizza parlors.  Each have their fans.  And ardent fans they are.  Let’s see how they will fare in the finals, shall we?

Will it be Chinese food?

Chinese food totally dominated their first round match up against Soups and Salads, and then sank and vanquished Subs and Sandwiches in their semifinal throw down.  Chinese food reheats very well, so you can savor it for a few meals.  There are so many styles of Chinese food that appeal to every palate that you are guaranteed to find a taste to satisfy you.  You’ll find Chinese restaurants no matter where in the world you are.  

The two contestants are battle tested.  They have stood the test of time.  But, which will stand the test of YOUR voting right.  

Let the game begin!  Who has the right stuff???

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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  1. That other tournament is nearing their Finals…. don’t get distracted before you cast your vote in our #MarchMadness

  2. This is an easy choice. I love pizza, but it is loaded with carbs and I don’t need them. I also love Chinese food…it’s healthier for me with less carbs. I can eat more of it. Need I say more?

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