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The Chinese Quest Goes Back to the Future (2046)

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The year is 2046.  There are still Chinese restaurants and take-out places in every town.  Never do you have to teleport more than 10 seconds to get your Chinese food (which is always ready in ONE minute!).

Let me tell you what it is going to be like in 2046:

Robotic Waiters – Need we say more?  Gone are the days of the World’s Worst Waiter.  Here are the days of speed, efficiency, and consistency.  Service with a virtual smile.  Priceless!


Genetically Modified Rice – safely delivers unique benefits to diners and rice farmers not formerly achieved through former archaic rice breeding methods.  No longer are farmers at risk of losing their crops due bad weather and droughts.  No longer are diners facing uncertainty of wildly fluctuating prices on the menus of Chinese restaurants.  Need we remind you of the great Rice Shortage of 2029?  Chinese food didn’t quite taste the same being heaped upon a pile of Twinkies.  Genetically modified rice offers consistent production and stable pricing.  Not to mention all the healthy benefits of genetically modified rice.  Glowing in the dark is a real energy saver!

Touchscreen tables display menu’s as soon as you’re seated.  They know your preferences and will make suggestions on what to try.  They also allow patrons to watch programs, check emails or play games.

Electronic tongues, which use sensors to measure taste and smell allow you to try a dish before ordering.  “Licking” the menu, your electronic tongue is programmed with your DNA, and storing your entire gastronomic intake, likes and dislikes.  Let the electronic tongue weed out any unsavory dishes.

general-trumps-chickenEnjoying your General Trump’s Chicken?  We knew you would.  Isn’t that orange sauce super savory?  And at that price, you better like it.

What do you think dining will be like in the future?

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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  1. And the joy to have the Big Brother sitting beside me every time I take a bite.
    Ah! Priceless!

  2. What’s the future for Kosher Chinese restaurants?

  3. Oy! G.T.’s Chicken. Orange you glad this is only a parody story. We can only hope, Kenahora!

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