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Where’s a Jew to Eat on Christmas Day on Long Island

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When almost every other restaurant is closed on Christmas Day, and after the movie credits have run their course, what’s a Jew to do?  Eat of course! But where?  Chinese food!  But where?  Let us tell you.  Here are some recommendations to get your Chinese food on Christmas Day on Long Island.  These are four new Chinese restaurants that opened on Long Island that we reviewed this year.  You know if The Chinese Quest tells you they’re good.  They’re good!

Where to eat on Christmas Day!

Chef Wang in New Hyde Park

Chef-Wang-New-Hyde-ParkWhen  “Chef Wang”, New Sichuan Cuisine Chinese restaurant in New Hyde Park earlier this year, it promised authentic Chinese cuisine.  And, the Chef delivered on his promise.  Chef Wang has three extremely popular Chinese restaurants in Manhattan. This is his first venture to Long Island.  Though Chef Wang wasn’t present when we dined there, clearly his staff has been well trained, and his Chef’s are upholding his “Legend”.

Extensive renovations to the interior of the restaurant were made, and this has become one very fine dining establishment, that will easily rival any of the upscale Chinese restaurants that are located on the Gold Coast of the north shore of Long Island.  To read our complete review, click here.

Orient Odyssey, Jericho

Orient-Odyssey-JerichoOrient Odyssey is the sister restaurant of The Orient in Bethpage.  Orient Odyssey serves Hong Kong Style Seafood.  After a year’s wait, they finally opened their doors two weeks before we arrived.  And when we did the grand opening buzz was still going strong!

The restaurant, being brand spanking new, was very clean and dare I say sterile as far as Chinese restaurants typically are.  There wasn’t a lot of ornamentation, but the restaurant is well lit, and modern.  Our presence wasn’t totally unexpected (we made reservations!) and we got to enjoy our meal in a circular table that would have easily fit another two or three people.  Plenty of room for us to spread out, and plenty of room for all the food that we were served.  A large glass lazy susan was strategically placed in the middle of the table that made passing and sharing dishes a breeze.

The Staff, led by Frank and Sam, were very courteous and eager to please.  Tommy the owner was very happy to greet us, though a bit shy, he didn’t stick around too long.  To read out complete review, click here.

Beijing House, Syosset

Beijing-House-FrontAs is our wont, when The Chinese Quest comes to review a Chinese restaurant, they travel incognito.  This time, our quarry, Beijing House in Syosset, NY matched us by also going incognito!  Beijing House held their grand opening just a few weeks ago.  The Chinese restaurant is SO new that they haven’t even gotten their sign yet.  We were told that they’re fresh from China, and this is their first foray in to the restaurant business.  If customer service is any indication, they’re going to have people coming back again and again.

Beijing House is a very authentic Szechuan style Chinese restaurant.  I have a feeling it’s going to get better and better as they get settled.  To read our complete review, click here.

Golden Dynasty, St. James

Golden-Dynasty-St-JamesIf you want real authentic Chinese food… GO TO CHINATOWN!  If you want a nice, neighborhood Chinese restaurant, then Golden Dynasty is right down the road… if you’re in that neighborhood.  I had stopped at Golden Dynasty a few months ago and thought enough of it that I suggested we formally review it.  And we did.  It was a night of firsts for The Chinese Quest as we were met at the restaurant by Mee Groop Yee.  She’s one of the first people to discover The Chinese Quest when ourTwitter feed was written up in Newsday as a follow-worthy Twitter account.  And she’s been an ardent follower since.  It was nice to meet a fan, and even more enjoyable to enjoy a dinner with her.

Golden Dynasty was formerly known as Lotus East.  It underwent an extensive renovation that took about a year to complete.  The natives were eager for it to re-open, and anxious to see if the food was as good as it was in it’s glory days.  The ownership stayed the same.  But, everything on the inside is completely brand new.  You’ll enjoy the ambiance.  To read our complete review, click here.

And if none of these choices are near you, you can always confer our complete and official ranking of Chinese Restaurants on Long Island and New York City!

So, what are you waiting for?  A reservation or something?  Those will NOT be necessary on Christmas Day!  Just go in, tell them that The Chinese Quest sent you.  And enjoy!

Then tell us where you ate, what you had, and what you thought of our recommendation(s)!

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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