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[REVIEW] Golden Dynasty, St. James, NY

Golden-Dynasty-St-James If you want real authentic Chinese food… GO TO CHINATOWN!  If you want a nice, neighborhood Chinese restaurant, then Golden Dynasty is right down the road… if you’re in that neighborhood.  I had stopped at Golden Dynasty a few months ago and thought enough of it that I suggested we formally review it.  And we did.  It was a night of firsts for The Chinese Quest as we were met at the restaurant by Mee Groop Yee.  She’s one of the first people to discover The Chinese Quest when our Twitter feed was written up in Newsday as a follow-worthy Twitter account.  And she’s been an ardent follower since.  It was nice to meet a fan, and even more enjoyable to enjoy a dinner with her.

Golden  Dynasty is located at 416 N. Country Rd., St. James, NY, and was formerly known as Lotus East.  It underwent an extensive renovation that took about a year to complete.  The natives were eager for it to re-open, and anxious to see if the food was as good as it was in it’s glory days.  The ownership stayed the same.  But, everything on the inside is completely brand new.  You’ll enjoy the ambiance.  But, that’s only 10% of the story when we come to review Chinese restaurants.  There are lots of other factors to consider.  So let’s get right to it.

For appetizers we ordered two small sized order of BBQ Spareribs.  I must say they were very meaty.  But, I found them to be quite salty too.  Those spareribs made me thirsty!  So I ordered a second Mai Tai!

As is our wont, we TRIED to leave the ordering up to the waiters.  But, they weren’t biting.  It was a group decision that created our menu for this evening. Everything did come off the printed menu.  There’s no “secret” menu at Golden Dynasty.  Want that?  Go to Chinatown!

A few Mee’s wanted some soup, and just couldn’t resist ordering the House Special Soup for Two.  It fed four of us.  It was piled high with shrimp, pork, chicken, vegetables, and a little bit of broth.  It was ok.  But, I much preferred the House Special Wonton Soup at The Orient in Bethpage.

All our entrees came out at the same time.


The first item that was recommended to us was the Lobster Cantonese Style  (I got the feeling that they thought that we were wealthy Jews from the Gold Coast.  It was just a vibe I got).  These serve the Lobster 10 different ways, but they said that nine out of 10 order it Cantonese Style.  It was ok.  REAL lobster.  Just not a lot of meat.  But, then again when you’re splitting it six ways, you can’t expect everyone to receive a large portion.  What I had I enjoyed.

Sizzling War Bar (aka #7 on their menu) was plated at the table and reminded me of sizzling fajitas.  The affect of plating it at the table was to really get the aroma out of the dish.  And it worked.  VERY aromatic.  I thought we were really in for a huge treat this evening.  The dish was good.  It included Tender Chicken, Roast Pork, Shrimp with Mushrooms and Bamboo Shoots and is served with Sizzling Rice and Oriental Sauce.

Singapore Style Mei Fun came out.  Nice sized pieces of shrimp in the dish.  It had a welcome kick to it.  I liked it.  The shrimps were not shrimpy.  I would order this dish again.

Sauteed Bok Choy, us Mee’s gotta have their veggies.  This was very nicely prepared, and tasted really good.  I’m not a vegetable loving guy, except when it comes to Chinese-prepared vegetables, and these ate I ate with glee.

Chicken with Black Bean Sauce was the next dish passed to me.  I feel that there was a little too much sauce in this dish, and it was quite salty.  But, I had had enough Mai Tai’s by this time, so I switched to the hot tea!


The portions must have been plenty big as we had a hard time finishing all the food, but we did.

Having thought we had overheard someone order soup dumplings, we tried to order them, but alas we were told that they weren’t on the menu.  But, if we did want them, to call a few days ahead the next time and they’ll make them for us.  I’m not sure if that’s true.  So, we will leave it to someone else to try it in the future and let us know.

Then it was Fortune Cookie time:

The current year will bring you much happiness.  (It’s already coming true!)

If I bring forth what is inside of me, what I bring forth will save me.   (Little did I know how prescient that fortune truly was!)

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.

He that can’t endure the bad will not live to see the good.  (See comments two fortune’s above!)

He who has imagination without learning has wings but not feet.  (Someone please explain this to Mee)

Then our bill.  Even though we ordered a few drinks, I’d say the price was a little on the pricey side.  My overall impression was the food was on the salty side.  But, as far as neighborhood Chinese restaurants go, it fit the bill, and I can see why there most of the tables were filled on a Wednesday night, and why they would have a good take-out business.

Finally, our ratings:


Mee Groop Yee had these comments about her experience dining with The Chinese Quest:

What an experience!  To have a meal with the Mee’s…

The entire meal was enjoyable and viewed in such a different light.

The food was tasty-ish, but the company was over the top!

Mee Groop Yee, we enjoyed your company as well!

A stop at Carvel completed our evening.

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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After previewing Golden Dynasty, a Chinese recently opened Chinese restaurant in St James, The Chinese Quest formally came review it. Read who met us there!

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