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Where’s a Jew to Eat on Christmas Day in New York City

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The other day, we told you where to eat on Christmas on Long Island.  But, what if you’re in New York City?  No worries.  We got you covered there too!   You will find some of the best Chinese restaurants in the world in Brooklyn and Queens.  Yes, Queens and Brooklyn ARE part of New York City.  It’s not just Manhattan y’know!  And you know that if The Chinese Quest tells you that a Chinese restaurant is good.  It’s good!

A Jews Guide to Eating on Christmas in NYC

Nan Xiang Dumpling House, Flushing, NY

Nan-Xiang-Xiao-Long-BaoNan Xiang Dumpling House, or Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao if you prefer the native tongue, is a highly rated Chinese restaurant in Flushing, NY.  Recommended by Michelin Guide 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.  That’s nice and quaint.  But what should really impress is that it’s The Chinese Quest recommended in 2015!  THAT should keep the lines of waiting customers out the block for years to come!

With an “A” rating from the New York City Department of Health, we knew we were entering a nice clean restaurant.  And what we were served was an amazing assortment of dishes, that I could best describe as Chinese Tapas.  The dishes were small per se.  So we ordered a LOT of them.  And I mean a LOT!  We tried all the recommended favorites.  As well as some others that caught our eyes.  To read our review, click here.

Pacificana Restaurant, Brooklyn, NY

Pacificana Restaurant, Brooklyn, NYBadda bing badda boom, The Chinese Quest was in the House.  Fuggeddaboutit!  The Chinese Quest came to Brooklyn, and they left their mark.  Pacificana Restaurant is in Brooklyn’s Chinatown section (8th Avenue in the Sunset Park area).  Good thing we had a trusty map because even after parking literally right in front of it, we walked right past the entrance!  What the entrance lacked in appeal, the restaurant made up for in Spades.  Glitz.  Very very fancy second floor Chinese restaurant.   Though it seemed to us that the trip from Long Island to the restaurant felt longer than it took for Moses to cross the desert, it was well worth the trip.

Pacificana Restaurant is THE Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn that all other Chinese restaurants are compared to.  To read our complete review, click here.

Szechuan Gourmet, Flushing, NY

Szechuan-Gourmet-Flushing-ExteriorIf it’s a white and cold Christmas, Szechuan Gourmet will definitely warm you up.  From the INSIDE.  YOUR insides!

True to it’s name, Szechuan Gourmet, is an authentic Szechuan Chinese restaurant.  It really helps if you speak Chinese, or can point to other dishes that are served on other tables.  That’s how we got our most delicious soup dish.

What we found at Szechuan Gourmet is that they use a lot of chili spices, so the flavors from dish to dish start to meld together on our palate.  The white rice we ordered half way through our meal helped to absorb some of the extra spices that were beginning to overwhelm us.  To read our complete review, click here.

If none of these choices are near you, you can always confer our complete and official ranking of Chinese Restaurants on Long Island and New York City!

So, what are you waiting for?  A reservation or something?  Those will NOT be necessary on Christmas Day!  Just go in, tell them that The Chinese Quest sent you.  And enjoy!

Then tell us where you ate, what you had, and what you thought of our recommendation(s)!

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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