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Happy World Toilet Day!

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Be happy that you have someplace to go today.  According to Reuters, a billion people on the planet don’t have that luxury.  Today is World Toilet Day.  Really!!  It is sanctioned by the United Nations!  The Chinese Quest should co-sanction it!

World Toilet Day, November 19th – From http://un.org/en/events/toiletday:

We must renew our efforts to provide access to adequate sanitation worldwide.  We must continue to educate and protect communities at risk and to change cultural perceptions and long-standing practices that hinder the Quest for dignity.

If you’ve been a loyal follower of @TheChineseQuest on Twitter, no undoubtedly, you’ve seen us post toilet pictures from EVERY Chinese restaurant that we have reviewed.  After all, the condition of the bathroom, makes a difference.  And it sure makes a difference in our ratings!  And now you know why we love, umm, Flushing (New York) so much!  Truth be told, some of the best Chinese restaurants that we have reviewed are in Flushing!  Coincidence??  I think NOT!

Some people, I among them, would say “Any port in a storm!”.  But one thing I would never EVER say is that I take toilets for granted.  Thank you Thomas Crapper!  (truth be told, Thomas Crapper did NOT invent the modern day flush toilet.  Or, did he??)

So, let us see if you’ve really REALLY been paying attention to our Quest to find the best toilet, err, Chinese restaurant on Long Island and New York City, by identifying which Chinese restaurants these toilets are in.  Click on the START button below to take the quiz.

Is it no wonder that bathroom humor is so great?  What do you think of this one?

Three flies in a trashcan get trapped overnight in a bathroom. The first fly goes to the sink, the second fly stays in the tub, and the third fly chooses the toilet.

The next morning, all the exhausted flies gather back in the garbage can.

The first fly says, “I’m exhausted! I almost got washed down the drain.”

The second fly says, “I almost got squashed by feet in the shower!”

The third fly says, “The toilet was fine until it suddenly got dark. First, I heard thunder, then it started to rain, and if it weren’t for that big brown log, I surely would have drowned.”

Waiter, what’s the fly doing in my soup… umm, never mind.  That’s off topic!

Let me leave you with this wish:  May YOUR life be like a roll of toilet paper… long and useful!

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

So how did you score in our Quiz?  If you want to do better, you MUST Follow us on Twitter!

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  1. I have never known there was a toilet day… though as you put it up there, it does make sense.
    Here in Italy, we do judge any place (restourant, bar, fast food place) by their restrooms. Kind of funny, but that’s what we do 🙂

  2. I WROTE the Quiz, and yet I only got THREE of the 11 questions right. This is a toughie. Let’s see who knows their Questers?

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