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Norman’s Take on Pine Court Chinese Bistro

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The following guest article was submitted by Norman, an ardent long time follower of, and now guest author on, The Chinese Quest.  Norman has sent us many e-mails, and with a little encouragement, he’s now on a roll with his third guest article.  As a little background, we “met” Norman over a year ago when he started e-mailing us religiously with commentary on most of our articles.  He has relayed many interesting stories, but none more touching than when he told us about his beautiful wife, who he’s now been married to for over 55 years and how they were going to celebrate their 55th Anniversary by having dinner at Pearl East in Manhasset.  We so wanted to join them that evening, but alas it wasn’t in the stars.  We can only hope that we will get to celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary with them at a Chinese restaurant of their choosing courtesy of The Chinese Quest!

Norman visited Pine Court Chinese Bistro after reading our review of the restaurant, and after viewing the video of Pine Court Chinese Bistro receiving a “Questie”, Norman and his wife just had to go!  This is their story…

Pine Court Chinese Bistro

Pine Court Chinese Bistro Restaurant LIttle Neck

For today’s late lunch I took Mee Wii Fee to Pine Court Chinese Bistro in Little Neck, New York. I had been there years ago with a grandchild. It is on the Horace Harding Expressway, just east of Marathon Parkway on the south side of the Long Island Expressway.

Wii Fee was very happy, except that the soup came out at room temperature. We sent it back and it was good warmed up. We tried to explain to the waiter that we wanted the 2 main dishes served one after the other. I got an elderly Chinese guy to explain it to them in Chinese. It No Work! In Beijing we had no trouble communicating in English. Even the street names were in English.

After soup we had a Shrimp dish. Well populated with shrimp and very tasty. And better than restaurant warm.

The second dish was waiting for us to dig in, so that it had cooled; but the beef was tender and the veggies very good.

All together it was a very successful and filling lunch (our dinner). They wanted cash. Fortunately the bill was small and I had 20’s in adequate supply. I got change from one.

As General MacArthur said ”we shall return”. After all, he owned the beer factory*.

Till the New Year,

Mee Stu Pd


*P.S.  The MacArthur family owned the San Miguel Brewery in the Philippines.

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  1. Edit #2: Norman and his lovely wife celebrated their 55th Wedding Anniversary LAST February. Next year will be the 56th, and The Chinese Quest would love to celebrate with them!!

  2. The article has been updated with the historical reference to the San Miguel Brewery in the Philippines that was owned by General MacArthur’s family.

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