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Tale of a Wandering Jew

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This is the tale of our own Wandering Jew.  Mee Yong Joo makes every dining experience an adventure.  And his adventure often starts from the moment he leaves his house trying to find the Chinese restaurant that we’re eating at!  We often make fun of Mee Yong Joo  (good naturedly, of course) because he’s always getting lost.  Invariably, he’s always the last Mee to show up.  And we’re often receiving frantic phone calls while we are already seated in the Chinese restaurant, with urgent pleas for direction clarification to help Yong Joo reach that night’s promised land.

The Promised LandMind you, he’s got TWO GPS systems in his car… well one in his car, and he also uses the navigation system on his cell phone at the same time (No worries Officer, he does NOT text and drive).  Yet still, he wanders.  And wanders.  And we wonder where he is!  Meandering through Parkways, Highways, Expressways, side streets, and main thoroughfares.  Searching.  North.  South.  East.  West.  And every direction in between.  Crisscrossing town… and apparently the Cross Island Parkway too as you’ll read below.

It’s uncanny how he doesn’t chance upon the Chinese restaurant at times.  You have to get lucky once in a while.  Ok, he did get lucky when he was the first Mee at Little Dumpling in Little Neck, NY.  But, that might have been because he had his son, Mee Yonger Joo, with him.  Perhaps “wandering” isn’t a hereditary trait.  I will leave that determination up to scientists.

I will just leave this piece of evidence for you to consider.  This is a group text that we received from him this afternoon.  And I am printing it, verbatim, with his permission:

The Wandering Jew

I was in Hempstead and I was going back home. I spoke into my GPS saying “Go home”. It usually takes me to my Roslyn home. I was right by the Southern State Parkway, so the GPS took me westbound towards the Cross Island Parkway. I did not think much of it because the time to home was about the same as getting to Hempstead.

When I was on Cross Island Parkway, I noticed it was not taking me home. Upon further investigation I noticed that my destination was some place in Flushing. Right in the middle of Chinatown.  Even my GPS thinks I am “Chinese”.  For, I am, Mee Yong Joo, aka THE Wandering Jew!

Bro, we loves ya!

Keep us smiling, and keep us wondering where you’re wanderings will take you next!

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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