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Tummy Talk – An Interview with Mee Yong Joo

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Microphone InterviewThis is the fifth interview in our series, called Welcome to Tummy Talk, where we introduce you to the members of The Chinese Quest.

Today we are interviewing Mee Yong Joo (MYJ). MYJ grew up deprived from Chinese food. Once, in the United Kingdom, he discovered it and never looked back.

Since The Quest he acquired a new appreciation or discovered an appreciation for “authentic” Chinese food.

Tummy Talk (TT): Thank you, Mee Yong Joo for taking time out of your very busy schedule to chat with us.
MYJ: You are welcome.

TT: Can you tell our readers a bit more about your love of Chinese food?
MYJ: My love of Chinese food goes back to my time when I lived in the United Kingdom. I was first introduced to Chinese food there. Later in life I had a Chinese client who lived in London and I used to visit him and he took me out for “authentic” Chinese food.

TT: What’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled to enjoy Chinese food?
MYJ: London, England

TT: What in particular is the first impression you take when you enter a Chinese restaurant?
MYJ: Plenty of food, colorful, and spicy.

TT: What’s your favorite dish?
MYJ: Rice (all kinds), spare ribs, spicy food, and seafood.

TT: Why the Quest?
MYJ: Someone has to do it!

TT: Are there any secrets you can share, or stories you’ve never told anyone else?
MYJ: If I share, it will no longer be a secret.

TT: What do you hope to accomplish on the Quest in the coming year?
MYJ: To make Chinese food the staple of the Jewish gastronomic experience, including holiday feasting. Let my people eat!

TT: What about the future?
MYJ: The future is written in your fortune cookie. What ever the next one says, I do!

TT: Would you ever try a different type of food?
MYJ: There is other food?

TT: I want to thank you for your time. Are there any parting words you have for our readers?
MYJ: Stay tuned. We are just starting. The Chinese Quest will be more valuable than Zagat’s when it comes to food.

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