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One Week – Since We Had Chinese Food

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One Week

(Since we had Chinese Food)

Lyrics by “Barely Naked Mee’s”

(Apologies to the “Ladies”)

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It’s been one week since we had Chinese Food
Cocked your head to the side
and said you’re very hungry
Five days since you laughed at me saying
Get it together so we can place an order
Three days since the last leftover.
I realized it’s all my fault, but couldn’t tell you
Yesterday you’d forgiven me
But it’ll still be two days till I say I’m sorry

That I lost the menu.
As I make you stop, think
You’ll think you’re looking at a Deliveryman
I summon fish to the dish,
Although whatever they cook is all delish.
I like the sushi
Cause it’s never touched a frying pan

Hot like Szechuan, I burn my licks,
Big like my Chopsticks
Because I’m all about value
Column A’s got the entrees
You try to match plates
You try to hold me but I bust through

Gonna make a break and take a fake
I’d like a stinkin, lickin’ steak
I like ginger, It’s the finest of the flavors
Gotta see the show,
Cause then you’ll know
Your appetite is gonna grow
Cause it’s so dangerous,
You’ll have to sign a waiver

How can I help it if I think you’re funny when you’re mad
Trying hard not to smile though I feel bad
I’m the kind of guy who laughs at a funeral
Can’t understand what I mean?
Well, you soon will
I have a tendency to wipe my mouth with my sleeve
I have a history of making a mess when I use ‘sticks

It’s been one week since you looked at me
Threw your arms in the air and said you’re crazy
Five days since you tackled me
I’ve still got the rug burns on both my knees
It’s been three days since the afternoon
You realized it’s not my fault not a moment too soon
Yesterday you’d forgiven me
And now I sit back and wait for our delivery.

World’s Oldest Chinese Restaurant – Ma Yu Chang’s Bucket Chicken HouseChickity China the Chinese chicken
You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin’
Watchin’ Sienfeld with no lights on,
We’ve got our bibs on
I hope the Chinese Restaurant episode is on
Like Harrison Ford I’m getting Frantic
Like a starving man I’m spasdic
Like Snickers, our Chinese food is guaranteed to satisfy…

“Ding Dong”

“Who is it?”

“Chinese food!!”

Ahhh soooo!

Humbly submitted, if not for your listening pleasure, then for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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