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Best Day to Eat Chinese Food

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EVERYONE knows that EVERYDAY is the best day to eat Chinese food.  But, we’re wondering if you have a family tradition such that you always go out to eat, or take out, Chinese food on a certain day of the week or the day that you typically eat Chinese food.

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Days of the WeekNow I know it may not be easy to pin it down to just one day in particular, as the mood to eat Chinese food can strike at any time.  But, we’re most curious to know if there’s any particular reason as well, that if you do choose a specific day, why?

Please answer the poll before reading any further.

Personally I tend to love Wednesday’s.  Why?  Because restaurants typically aren’t that crowded.  Yet, you’re also likely to get the main Chef that day as well.  I’m assuming in most restaurant are extremely busy on the weekends that the Chef probably takes off on Monday (or Tuesday as well).  So, Wednesday’s s/he’s probably well rested, and filled with inspiration to try out new recipes, or just make the best possible food they can.

Wednesday is Sundae at CarvelWhile what I just said was true.  At least the part about Wednesday being my favorite day of the week to eat Chinese food.  But, my reason is pure malarkey (or “schmegeggy”, as if you didn’t know).  But, one hundred percent logical.  For what appeals as much to Jews as Chinese food?  A bargain!  And what goes well with Chinese food and can be a bargain at the same time?  Of course the answer is ice cream.  So, how does the bargain come in?  When one goes to Carvel, where EVERY Wednesday is Sundae — Buy one and get one free!  All you need is a friend… or a voracious appetite for ice cream sundaes.  Do yourself a favor.  Bring a friend.  Too much ice cream isn’t necessarily a good thing (though it’s doubtful you’ll be hungry again an hour later!).   But, a good thing is priceless.  And eating Chinese food is always better when one dines with friends.  Or family.  Family members can also take advantage of the buy one get one free ice cream sundaes at Carvel on Wednesday’s.

I hope I haven’t biased the results of the poll.  That’s why I posted the poll, and asked you to vote, before I gave my answer.  Your answer can be different.  Your reason could be different.  I am just curious what your choice is, and why.  Please share!

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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