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I Would Kill* for a Sparerib

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Spareribs*Really, I wouldn’t.  BUT, after spending a weekend hiking and camping with Mini Mee and the Boy Scouts, and eating, ummm, no Chinese food.  AND, not finding a Chinese restaurant willing to deliver to the top of the mountain in Harriman State Park.  Well, what I would NOT do for a sparerib now!  And of course, as soon as we got in the car after survival weekend (I exaggerate SLIGHTLY), we pass a Chinese restaurant in Tuxedo, NY.  Now, we hadn’t showered in two days… hadn’t brushed our teeth in just as long… having gotten caught TWICE in rain the night before, the only thing riper than us, was probably the Chinese food.  BUT, that just would have been so wrong.  I think.  I’m not convinced.  But, now we are back home.  Surrounded by Chinese restaurant.  Ahhh, Civilization!


Modern Civilization Manhattan, New York City

Ahh, Civilization.  Where one can find a Chinese take-out restaurant on every corner, and a legit Chinese restaurant a short distance.  And a GREAT Chinese restaurant?  Well, of course, you have to check out our reviews of Chinese restaurants to find the best.

Ahh, Civilization.  Where we invented phones, cell phones, and now smartphones, for the sole reason of CALLING a Chinese restaurant and asking for a fix, err delivery of sumptuous Chinese food no matter where you are.  Well, almost no matter where you are.

Ahh, Civilization.  Where if you choose, you could get in to your car (of course after you CALL and place your order) and in 10 minutes of less your Chinese food is waiting for you to pick up!!  Seriously.  What’s better than that?  Oh, a drive through.  Hmm, perhaps that’s in a generation, or a galaxy, not too too far away.

And, if one is really REALLY desperate, one could make their own spareribs.  I know.  Sounds barbaric.  Really it’s not.  Desperate times requite desperate measures.  They do.  And I’m still desperate.  I still don’t know if they’re properly spelled “spareribs” or “spare ribs”.

THAT is why I must have survived this hike and overnight camping in the wilderness.  To come to the realization, nay, revelation.  That man can NOT survive without Chinese food.

So please help me answer this conundrum, since it wasn’t revealed to me from on high:

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Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)


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